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Example sentences for foiled

We tried to come up with some basic criteria yet were foiled.
For almost four decades, he and his agents captured bank robbers and foiled embezzlers.
It was supposed to be the cover shot, but events foiled the plan.
The paper lacks a coherent overview, clearly explaining how and why it overcomes the barriers that foiled previous attempts.
There, weather foiled their invasions and gave rise to the legend of the divine wind, or kamikaze.
As casualties mounted, some army officers grew restless and began plotting a coup, which was foiled in its planning stages.
The perfect awfulness of perfect encryption may be foiled by the perfect greed of the firms that make the necessary equipment.
Its economic prosperity was foiled by the traditional authoritarian structure of the ruling elite.
These and other homegrown conspiracies were foiled by regular police work.
But this week a ship's crew foiled a hijacking with help from a decidedly older technology: a message in a bottle.
The curfew has now been lifted, but the army announced it had foiled a coup attempt.
But attacks began again after a lull, though many have been foiled by police infiltration on both sides of the border.
In the past few months several attacks have been foiled this way.
There were plenty of points along the way where they could have been foiled.
Since then more news has emerged of alleged plots that were foiled.
The plot was foiled well before it came to fruition.
The attempt will follow several postponements and one failed try last month, which was foiled by high winds.

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