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Example sentences for foggy

Bring some warm clothes, since mornings and evenings are often foggy.
Depending on where you live, the weather this month can be hot and sunny or cool and foggy.
It was that infernal stuff which led to my coming here,-that, and a foggy night.
It is as if someone said that there are fairies in the bottom of their garden, but they can only be seen on dark, foggy nights.
Landscape of desolate shoreline in the foggy morning light.
The foggy night is the visible universe, and the clear day is all the universe- visible and beyond.
Imagine that the balloon was foggy until it reached a particular size, then the fog cleared.
The view would no doubt have been spectacular, but it was obscured by foggy drizzle.
Cloudy, foggy and precipitating days significantly reduce energy production.
Lichens and mosses fed by the persistent cool and foggy conditions had grown over everything.
It can be quite cool here in the summer and is often foggy or rainy throughout the year.
What the producers had in mind is difficult to discern from the foggy and arty, if explosive, action.
For the biographical study, whose integrity and serious import cannot be questioned, is flawed by foggy psychological innuendo.
While sunny days can be temperate and pleasant, you'll want to dress warmly at night and during cloudy or foggy days.
Redwood trees rely on foggy conditions to help conserve water during the arid summer months.
His history is foggy and seems to have several years missing from it.

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