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The unnatural gloom is believed to have been caused by smoke from forest fires, possibly coupled with heavy fog.
Many of us occasionally find ourselves eclipsed by mental fog.
But all those embedded journalists have created a fog of information that can obscure the whole.
When there is fog and low visibility, the winds tend to be calm or negligible.
See if that doesn't lift the fog from the art, and the reader.
Head there for a little more sunshine when fog covers the city.
Fog could prove to be an unexpected source of drinking water for many remote regions of the world.
Tolerates full sun in fog belt or cool northwestern gardens.
Kick your costume-mandatory dance party into high gear by filling the dance floor with heaps of fake fog.
As she drives out of the hollow, clumps of fog wreathe the ridgeline, and the mountainsides are washed in muted greens and grays.
But gambles taken in the fog of a financial crisis can also prove horribly misguided.
The region is so dry that it receives more moisture from ocean fog than from its meager allotment of annual rainfall.
No known technology can compensate for lack of transparency or fog.
Don't touch the negative, as heat from your fingers will create fog marks on the film.
He planted in waves and painted the walls the gray of coastal fog.
The productivity debate is surrounded by a thick statistical fog.
The fog has lifted and the evening air has stolen in, wrapping the mountain and the desert below in a deep chill.
We traversed up and then across the glacier to pick up all of our old marker flags from a hike in the fog two days earlier.
They found that the position of the sun in the sky could be calculated even in clouds and fog.
Truck traffic clogged the road, bisecting vegetable patches and rice paddies that seemed to disappear into the fog that morning.
On such a day here, the surrounding peaks stab into clouds while fog droops into valleys below.
But a thick fog could keep thieves from finding your valuables.
Fog and lasers reveal the wind beneath a bat's wings.
If you live where fog rolls in on summer afternoons, any place in your garden will supply ideal conditions.
Maybe the water will be warm enough to swim in without a wet suit, and the summer fog won't be so bad.
It is tiring and frustrating when, at this point, some people still seem in a fog.
The reason is that in the winter the water vapor turns to ice or fog.
By the time the pilots and the mechanic drain the over-wing fuel tank into a drum, fog obscures the horizon.
It's the opaque fog the photons left behind that would get in the way of seeing stars.
The light fog that was lingering at midday turned into a yellow overcast darkness in the afternoon.
Out of the fog of uncertainty over the economics of climate change, the outline of a few conclusions emerges.
The downtown skyline is shrouded in a blanket of fog.
It will get better, though you may need a couple of weeks recovery time to let the exhaustion fog clear.
Today dawned gray-on-gray, silver fog touching the sea's silvered surface, with not a whisper of wind.
If you have both of those running at once, you don't have a problem with fog.
Perhaps it will help a few people clear the fog in their minds, and focus on what the science really is.
The blue fog is mostly due to starlight reflecting off small dust particles.
Deer wander in from the forest fringe and fog settles in the valley below.
On this night-the final night-a fog swirled across the desert, as thick and impenetrable as a sandstorm.
Cannons on a historic battlefield might look better in fog than in bright sunlight.
We are in a commerce-induced fog and it's blinding us.
But bear with it, and-bam-sudden vistas of meadows and fog-shrouded ocean stretch into eternity.
Storm clouds boil up in the pink evening sky, and fog advances over the foothills.
She is staring out into the fog astern with an expression of awed wonder.
The weather was threatening, and in a few moments they were lost in a sea-fog.
Then the sun burned up the fog, and loomed through it in a red splendor that changed first to gold and then to molten white.
The global nature of temperature changes as a snowflake floats in a cold fog does not seem to explain the dislocation corrections.
As it expanded and cooled, atomic nuclei and electrons combined to make a dense fog of neutral gas.
Yes warmer oceans will cause more evaporation and more precipitation once the vapor condenses in the form of fog,rain and snow.
His new movie is unpleasant, indecisive, and about as cheering as a damp fog.
One night, fog gathered thickly, abstracting the licks and sighs of the northern lights.
About fifteen minutes later, tear gas mixed with the morning fog.
The fog outside the windows isolated us from the outside world as it isolated the hostages and their captors.
The light was flat and weak, filtered through a morning fog that rarely dispersed during the day.
One answer is technological: rely on the people who created the fog to invent filters that will clean it up.
His firm has borrowed a trick used by fog-basking beetles and in the nostrils of camels for a novel desalination plant.
But what he thinks more broadly about equality is a fog.
The productivity debate is surrounded by statistical fog.
The answers have spent the past year lost in the fog.
Engineers have made a tiny engine a few micrometers wide, or roughly the size of a water droplet found in fog.
Snowmobile helmet fog is primarily caused by breathing warm, moist air onto a cold helmet shield.
However, smog and fog can hamper outdoor activities in the summer.
The fog results when air comes in from over the ocean and cools as it reaches the land.
The summer months are marked by morning fog that may take hours to burn off.
Cars behind you see a beam of light in the fog that projects a red triangle onto the road as a warning.
Camels are led to the track for training through morning fog.
Here at last was a primitive utility fog: a machine that could make machines.
The rain trickles, and as it seeps in to cool the ground, a fog rises.
The fog curls little ghosts into the branches and gullies.
Gentle forest-cloaked hills rim the town, creating a natural basin that practically invites fog to settle in and stay awhile.
People lived in a fog, and could never be certain of what was happening around them.
Military history pierces the philosophical fog that often surrounds the other humanities.
Steam resembling winter fog arose from the burnt car.
We got back late, courtesy of a half-successful attempt to dismantle one of our host's urinals, and some late autumn fog.
The charges beg an answer-the mirror they hold up is maybe meant less to reflect a face than to pick up a faint fog of breath.
And all of this spent driving through thick fog and clouds.
War is fog, civilians die, and these fools should not have tried to escape.
Kang's pain was in his eyes, his walk, the fog that surrounded him.
It was an incredibly generous act and gave me some direction until the fog cleared.
She loved watching the fog roll in, loved hearing the foghorns hoot.
It evoked an image of zombies, groping their way through life in an impenetrable fog.
Several forests around the world use fog to get critical moisture and nutrients.
Fog collection entails stretching out nets or canvas on poles and using the mesh to catch moisture from the breeze.
He leads me to a cramped lab where a bubbling tank of liquid nitrogen spews a cold fog across the floor.
He led me to a cramped lab where a bubbling tank of liquid nitrogen spewed a cold fog across the floor.
We won't know until we're dead, and until then, we're all blundering about in the same fog.
Roughly speaking, vision in water is similar to driving a car in a fog.
It took thousands of years before light could even escape the fog caused by the density of particles.
In test runs, the swarm of atoms had shown up only as a faint dispersing fog.
As abruptly as they appeared, they wheel and vanish again into the fog.
The next two days were spent in bed in a fog of slowly subsiding pain.
Fog that develops when warmer air moves over a colder surface is known as advective fog.

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