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Discuss students' responses to the above questions, focusing on the second question.
Ask students to repeat the activities, focusing on different peoples of their own choosing.
The central government was mainly focusing on issues of law and order or security.
The guides provide content background for teachers, focusing especially on concepts that are challenging for students to learn.
The ladders pointed skyward, focusing on the clouds.
It is focusing on wheat gluten, a filler that gives the cuts-and-gravy-type food in the recall its gelatinous consistency.
But moviemakers are focusing even less on narrative arcs these days.
Funds focusing on cyclical industrial companies, financial services and natural resources were among the weakest performers.
By focusing on the managers who run hedge funds, the system has so far avoided any major instances of fraud.
They would rather see the firm focusing on managing their money than plastering its name on billboards.
And, as so often, the ensuing scandal risks focusing on the wrong issues.
Also crowding the market are platforms focusing on local data.
Focusing effort on one of these strains often led to the resurgence of another.
But the operation has also been criticised for focusing scarce resources on thinly populated areas.
Growth has been capital-intensive, focusing on heavy industries such as steel rather than more labour-intensive services.
Focusing over this time horizon also helps market participants.
Which leads to the third reason for focusing on the future.
From the first, he exploited his boss's penchant for focusing on the big picture in order to control the details.
Most of the research on whether video games encourage violence is unsatisfactory, focusing primarily on short-term effects.
Bond markets had been domestic, with buyers focusing on issuers from their home markets.
Other companies are focusing on suborbital tourist flights, which provide several minutes of weightlessness and stunning views.
While focusing on saving habitat and eliminating poaching is crucial, failing to have a backup plan is planning to fail.
People can also become too focused on how much money they stand to gain or lose, to the detriment of focusing on the task itself.
But jumping spiders have no way of actively focusing their eyes.
It was useful in it's day as a way of focusing attention and debate upon nuclear tensions between the superpowers.
Rather, they were focusing on the speciation of the two lineages from a common ancestor, an archaic head lice population.
Stop focusing on the loose nuts as it elevates them to a stature they do not deserve.
And yet in your letter you are focusing only on some of his criticism without regarding other parts which appear more reasonable.
When you turn the focusing ring, the viewfinder zooms in letting you judge critical focus.
In brightly lit, high-contrast settings the camera had difficulty focusing on vividly colored objects.
The key was focusing not on where you published but on how many times other researchers cited your work.
By focusing on what other members post in their written profiles, they minimize the immediate power of physical attraction.
By focusing on speed, cable is playing to its technical strengths.
He's focusing on keeping things relatively affordable.
His lab is focusing on a type of cell called fibroblasts.
So now we're focusing more on aesthetics, beauty, and uniqueness.
People with damaged speech recover faster by focusing on harder words.
The theory: focusing on treatment and prevention instead of jailing users would decrease the number of deaths and infections.
Later focusing telescopes could easily project a larger image of the sun onto a light surface.
The report is part of a growing body of academic and advocacy literature aimed at focusing attention on gender.
With people focusing on such concerns it's no wonder that administration on campus is bloated and draining money from instruction.
My cw jobs apps are similar except for focusing more on creative work.
Even if the candidate is able to answer the question, the interviewer is focusing more on the candidate's thought process.
First, introduce the theories as ways of focusing on a particular aspect of a text.
Focusing on the benefits of an initial registration requirement tells only one part of the story.
In all venues, focusing on clarity of communication.
Focusing a sound wave onto a pool of ink causes droplets to spatter onto a nearby surface.
We all know that focusing on the characteristics of a group can obscure the differences between the individuals in it.
The new study is more limited in scope, focusing on treatment that is easier to study and less problematic.
Only after a photo is taken does the user need to worry about focusing the resulting image.
For the present, the company is focusing on biophysical parameters that can be measured on top of the skin.
The administration's proposals so far are more limited, focusing on an expanded system of tax-advantaged health savings accounts.
At that point, he was no longer taking photographs, and was focusing on writing.
They're focusing more on preventing a generation of orphans.
Here is the second part of my practice week review, focusing on defenders.
But many researchers are focusing on improving turbulence predictions.
Critics of college sports should stop focusing on winning teams that pay their own way.
Because it appears that focusing on the idea that being fat actually makes people fatter.
His father is involved with a legal center focusing on human rights.
Focusing on the protesters' problems rather than their ideas was the right way to build support.
Outside the skin would be an array of simple lenses, focusing sunlight through the windows into the interior.
Health crises have a way of focusing the mind on what's true and important.
The test measures how thick bones are in certain spots, usually focusing on the hip and lower spine.
Frequently, this too will evoke strong responses after focusing on these emotional centers.
It's based on jobs available rather than focusing on the particular type of job you might be seeking.
The brain is our instrument in focusing and organizing our consciousness.
Growth is now slowing in many countries, and some problems cannot be resolved by focusing on economic expansion alone.
We're focusing right now in one of our programs on the horse.
He has spent too little time focusing on unemployment.
The fund looks at its other holdings, focusing on the more liquid positions and reduces its exposure there.
They stop focusing on what's written on the page and start listening to the music and where they fit into it.

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