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The conference focused on elementary- and secondary-school students and teachers.
Most attention, however, will be focused on the national property sector.
Previous quake probabilities focused on specific regions and used various methodologies that made it difficult to compare.
Toby, meanwhile, is focused on a plain old brown woolly bear caterpillar.
Keep your letter focused on your academic qualifications.
The theatre, cinema and music industries are all focused on this level.
Much work on aging brains has focused on their failings, but two new studies look at how they succeed.
While the court is focused on that question, the public should be asking a larger one.
Today he is equally focused on the humans of the region, taking his message of conservation to them in their native tongue.
Such focused forecasts can warn of flash floods, freezes, and other local weather that wider-angle models might miss.
Most of these focused on the moral choices the war demanded.
Some don't see the value of free music, he says, because they're too focused on its price.
Most of the research has focused on a type of silk known as dragline, which spiders use to construct the frame of their web.
Traditionally their interpretations focused on the great stone circle itself.
Manufacturers are focused on the hardware features and specs, but that's not what consumers care about.
The new bachelor's degrees were initially focused on education, health care, and information technology.
The research in our lab is focused mostly on understanding the innate immune system.
Unlike the focused heat of a football player, say, hot aggression is impulsive and reactive.
The people, introspectively focused on their own tasks, seem fully aware of their partner's role.
So technology companies are focused on creating secure products that satisfy the music labels and movie studios.
The other would have focused on undergraduate courses.
They focused on satisfying domestic consumers with advanced features that didn't matter to customers elsewhere.
Ford did well in the first debate, which focused on domestic issues.
The hearing focused on jobs, training, and education.
Most developments since have focused on convenience.
We focused on showing there are better policies out there in terms of how streets are being managed.
For years, plant scientists developing new varieties focused on farmers' needs.
His own research focused on education in job markets.
Write something new and focused enough to have a market.
Scientific inquiry has focused on the utility of the diminutive arms of tyrannosaurs for nearly a century.
Much of his research has focused on fish and their habitats.
Later, you fielded a lot of criticism, mainly from climbers who focused on your mistakes.
For a long time, research on the athlete's mind focused on studying the athlete in the context of their sport.
Tempts visitors with samples at a sushi bar, so they can see how resources from many regions are focused on local needs.
Tarter has recently focused on developing new technology for observing radio signals from the universe.
Light cannot be focused on anything smaller than its wavelength-or so says more than a century of physics wisdom.
The earliest digs, which followed in the tracks of looters and dealers, focused on retrieving oracle bones.
The side camera focused on that plane to provide better perspective on the wind flow.
Concerns have also focused on the integrity of the mathematical modeling techniques that make derivatives trading possible.
Even that one will wear off if you do not stay focused this time.
They were more focused on providing a specific outcome for a specific procedure.
But scientists have recently focused on a specific type of worry that is significantly linked to depression.
Most of the controversy has focused on privacy because the machines can produce graphic images.
The answer is that studios, as they release fewer films, are increasingly focused on trying to develop franchises.
His work became more focused on readymades, such as kitchen appliances.
Especially when it was focused on a clinic for the patients with the highest costs in the community.
The fight against global warming has largely focused on reducing greenhouse gases.
In the new study, scientists focused on temperature-sensitive ion channels that open when they become hot enough.
Consequently, researchers have focused attention on the disorder's neurobiology.
Researchers focused on species formation and extinction to explain why the tropics had such diversity of life.
Military research is at the forefront of this work, much of it focused on drugs.
The event's aims were not simply focused on bragging rights and artistic merit.
While it is true that realists are more focused on details, one can be realistic and still happy.
Trich is a body-focused disorder usually indicated by chronic hair pulling, skin scratching and similar reactions.
Historically, epidemiologists have focused on domestic animals as the source of these scourges.
In one group, the tasks focused on reasoning, planning and problem-solving abilities--skills correlated with general intelligence.
The result is somewhat interesting if not original, but the researchers probably should have focused on photon momentum.
Your remarks focused on the money rather than the number of people suffering.
The best thing you can do is eat right, the next best thing is be focused and at peace.
The writer of the article seems to be more focused on normal behavior than on useful behavior.
It wasn't a bad show for what was, in effect, a beta test focused less on academic research than the survival of its inhabitants.
Existing law also focused less on the act of finning than on fishermen's fin-to-shark weight ratio.
Engineers focused on increasing thermal efficiency and reducing friction, especially when the engine is warming up.
Sometimes it's difficult to keep everybody focused on the long term.
The complete worlds that he creates-they are so focused and compelling.
Ours is a system focused not on collective problem-solving but on a struggle for power between two private organizations.
Glee's sophomore season started off strong with a snappy, fast-paced episode focused on reestablishing the status quo.
We are focused here on a new way of designing industrial production.
He focused on creating things of simplicity and beauty matched by an underlying power and utility.
They were narrowly focused on one or two aspects of the story.
At a moment when the country is relentless focused on unemployment, there are still jobs that often go unfilled.
We don't want to spend years focused on income inequality, only to learn that the financial crisis fixed it for us.
It has been a long time since we've had a president or an administration so focused on education.
Promote and support and environment that's focused on teaching and student learning.
He focused on the amygdala, a small, almond-shaped area in the middle of the brain known to help process emotions.
Tactical leadership is focused almost exclusively on achieving specific tangible objectives.
Besides, the completion of graduate school seems impossibly far away, so their concerns are mostly focused on the present.
Newspapers are becoming more distinctive and customer-focused.
For too long, for-profit firms have focused on learning only from each other as they try to do better.
Had policymakers focused on the income-based measure, their reaction might have been speedier and better informed.
We need to remain focused on what's real and try to solve the problems that actually face us.
Although it will still be covered by newspapers focused on its bigger neighbours, it is now a town without news.
Philips is a health and well-being company, focused on improving people's lives through timely innovations.
Managers focused on smaller deals and weaned themselves off debt.
Indeed the errors they have focused on sound little more than nitpicks.
One reason may be accounting changes which make pension-fund managers more focused on the short term.
As the useful life of the car has been extended, manufacturers have focused on shortening its fashionable life.
The school is mainly residential so social activity is strongly focused on campus.
The notice named two drug-war-focused sites to which the murdered pair had supposedly contributed.
More powerful and focused forms of these waves are now being adapted for surgical purposes.
Most public attention has focused on the drop in the number of police officers caused by budget cuts.
In the past it was mostly focused on oil companies and driven by anti-market ideologies.
The president's election platform focused on the rule of law, fighting corruption and wooing foreign investment.
But by design, the investigations were focused downward in the chain of command, not up to those who set the policy.
In both, light is sharply focused on the head and one hand.
With lantern consciousness you are vividly aware of everything without being focused on any one thing in particular.
We hadn't actually focused on that in the past years.
To create this second tool, the researchers focused on identifying the topic of each tweet.
Previous research into self-healing materials has mostly focused on restoring mechanical properties after a damaging event.
Commercial machine vision systems are still usually focused on a narrow task.
As the plate moves, the other bead is held in place by a focused laser, known as an optical tweezer.
What's more, mirrors and lenses require mechanical systems for tracking the sun to keep the light focused on a small solar cell.
With so much attention focused on global warming, this chilly prospect has been all but forgotten.
Most previous research in controlling insect flight has focused on moths.
There was something else, too: a discipline that kept the clothes focused on a few strategies.
It's not known whether the wolf spiders are being born any bigger, as the study focused on adult spiders.
The study focused on graying because it is a typical sign of aging in mammals, the authors wrote.
To accomplish this goal, the organization focused on traditional athletics, but also on other activities.
For those reasons, law enforcement paid little attention to it and focused their efforts at suppressing other gangs.
Previous research had focused on body-size changes of individual species over short geological time periods.
In his later years he focused on crafting small houses out of old paint-by-number pictures and other pieces.
If someone is focused on anxiety they will continue to be more anxious.
We nurtured the whole body and definitely focused on nutrition.
People can also become too focused on how much money they stand to gain or lose, to the detriment of focusing on the task itself.
Not all terrestrial efforts are focused on direct dark matter detection.
Research on humanoid robotics has focused on the control of manipulators and walking machines.
He has critical thinking messages relayed with extreme and laser-focused humor in his songs.
Those jets are interesting: they are focused by a disk of material around the star far too small to be seen on this scale.
It takes a particular walk through the history of science that's focused on the relationship between science and exploration.
There are other people who are focused on building a new business from scratch.
Many of his comments focused on politics, and he frequently engaged in debates.
Catalina has focused on politics as a reporter or editor for much of her career.
But as he clicks through dozens of screens and graphics on three computers, he's the picture of focused calm.

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