focus group in a sentence

Example sentences for focus group

After the focus group gave that resolution an unequivocal thumbs down, the producers went back and re-shot the final scene.
How one company is turning file-sharing networks into the world's biggest focus group.
No focus group-tested positions that slip through your fingers when you try to parse them.
Everything about his output seems to have come from a focus group, including his abdominal muscles.
Hart learned to monitor the responses of his customers as closely as a political candidate does a focus group.
We didn't need a focus group to tell us this would be a devastating ad.
In other words, the folks who fund your venture double as a first-rate focus group.
On your mind, not what some consultant or focus group tells you an audience or interest group expects to hear.
He didn't have to attend a focus group or sit through a sales presentation.
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