focal point in a sentence

Example sentences for focal point

Although designed to focus solar energy towards a single focal point to boil a liquid and drive a steam generator.
Its of a wilderness landscape with a couple of stags for the focal point and deers.
The composition should naturally take a viewer's eyes to the focal point, but it is not the case with this photograph.
The arrest instantly became a new focal point in the long-running debate about how to restructure scholarly publishing.
Social context is obviously key to any serious exploration of the case, and will be a focal point of the conference.
The flame provided a target and a focal point for the camera.
If people knew this, their nutrition would become a focal point with marked results.
But there was no band, no focal point to the celebration.
The city lacks any focal point of the sort that might catalyze a spontaneous public gathering.
They charged modern poetry with cultural importance and made it the focal point of their intellectual discourse.
Otherwise all of that good will is not channeled into one focal point.
However my desire to remain on the bridge has made me a focal point of the debate.
He arrives at a grand spiral staircase, which serves as a structural support and creates the focal point for the entire building.
The domed unit can be positioned to fit any device and will streamline sound to a chosen focal point.
It is the focal point of nightlife and at the same time rich with both tradition and romance.
Sometimes it's shown as a mere silhouette, in other prints it's the focal point.
The mirrors, set side by side in columns and rows, all beam their heat to a single focal point.
He starts with a focal point in the center, then builds a composition around it.
Some work well as espaliers, turning a blank fence or wall into a beautiful focal point.
The dining room's focal point is not the chandelier, as is often the case, but the window treatment.
It would be a striking focal point for a centerpiece.
Not only does the structure put the veggies at a convenient height for harvesting, it creates a focal point on its own.
At the center, a large glazed pot filled with perennials creates a focal point.
Would have to be a large container, but for a focal point in an entry it might be worth it.
The point you raise with good sense is really the focal point of all arguments.
Another point that the article omits is that visa always becomes a focal point of diplomatic tussle.
In the rotunda, which is the lobby where you walk in, there is this stunning chandelier-a major focal point of the theater.
It would be esthetically pleasing, would attract audiences to school concerts and would become a focal point for the community.
Driving is often a focal point of familial controversy.
Now the city's focal point has shifted back east again, but it's an evolving process.
The right has made it a focal point of its opposition for the same reason.
Frame the view and make it the focal point of the room when you arrange the furniture in your beach house.
The quarterback position will be a huge focal point during spring practice.
The casinos are the main focal point for entertainment.
Using the sun or a projector light, test the focal point.
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