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For safety's sake, avoid flying when the park is crowded.
The emails were flying back and forth with different plans and menu lineups.
Either way, she got trapped on the window- you know the way flying bugs get trapped trying to leave through the closed window.
There were still bees flying, even in the rain, but not many.
Armored police vehicles come flying around corners toward taunting students, who pelt them with rocks.
The target of the prank returned to find his new flying roommates, and called the police.
Frivolous lawsuits, intimidation, mobbing are not the flying buttresses of modern science.
And then the captain tells you that traffic is stacked up and you spend the next hour flying in circles until you can land.
Frankly, it never would have occurred to me to test flying squirrels in a wind tunnel.
Further discoveries will inform our still-growing understanding of how these flying reptiles reproduced.
Flying is always a metaphor for rising above, excelling and emergence.
The air around me was filled with mostly unidentified flying objects.
Notably absent from that list are heavily-armed flying gondolas.
These planes are flying so fast the birds don't have enough time to get out of the way.
She tore down the runway toward him with open arms, her spirits-and feet-flying.
Flying squirrels glide, extending their arms and legs and coasting through the air from one tree to another.
Some bats prevent crossed signals when flying with others by shutting down their natural sonar, new research reports.
If you've flown a lot in the past, you know that airlines' policies can vary greatly, and it's no different for flying with kids.
Flying for the first time can be an unnerving experience.
In fact, aircraft often trigger lightning when flying through a heavily charged region of a cloud.
Jet packs are expected to make personal flying devices more practical, while rocket packs continue to be crowd pleasers.
The reason: the bureau has virtually stopped receiving reports of flying saucers.
Flying is inherently not green and never will be green.
Here's what soft headed people do to balance the impact of their flying.
Flying frogs stretch the webbing between the toes of their enlarged feet.
Flying too close to the stall speed is only half the problem.
Cheers and shouts, whistles and catcalls, underwear flying through the air.
Freshly made food, piled in colorful mountains on giant platters, is flying by on its way upstairs.
The end of his tail was flying back and forth, but there wasn't any sound.
His escape into the mountains from the might of infidel hordes had a flying carpet quality.
It is about a bird who raises his consciousness until he can perform such paranormal feats as flying through solid rock.
But that doesn't necessarily mean that you're safer flying on your next vacation than driving.
As long as an infrared laser is trained on the plane, the cells send enough electricity to the propeller to keep the craft flying.
Most of us don't want others operating flying vehicles out of our neighborhoods, he explains.
There was in fact a squadron of planes flying in that area that night.
One of the requirements for flying in a spaceship used to be near-perfect vision.
New digital technologies designed to ensure safer and more user-friendly flying could turn us into a nation of pilots.
The future of transportation may find travelers flying on vehicles that have no wings.
Moths, on the other hand, require a stream of electrical signals in order to keep flying.
T he future of transportation may find travelers flying on vehicles that have no wings.
His robots have learned to perform flying acrobatics, tie surgical sutures, and neatly sort socks.
The flying saucers were around for millions of years and society destroyed these visitors who wished to help.
Click on trees and a wave of your mouse controls a bird flying through the branches, collecting letters to form words.
But of course it has also to some degree demonstrated that pilots are increasingly unimportant in the flying of the machine.
Apparently, the price is right and the tome is fairly flying off the shelves.
Meanwhile, many of the relatives are off flying over the mountains in sleek white gliders.
As publishing struggles, the memoirs of stand-up comedians are flying off the shelves.

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