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Scientists have discovered a mysterious species of fly with males bearing highly unusual mis-matched right and left wings.
They seemed not to fly so much as scull the air with dark blade wings.
The foxes devoured eggs and goslings, which couldn't fly to escape.
The largest bird that ever flew was an expert glider but was too heavy to fly by flapping its wings, researchers say.
Add retractable wings to the car, so that for long trips it can fly.
Community colleges can no longer fly under the radar.
The government could have stepped in later to allow only those airlines with credible business plans to fly again.
Density populated chicken houses filled with flies and bacteria may enable diseases to fly the coop.
Sage grouse are big birds, weighing up to seven pounds, and they are built to fly.
After that, they'll have to demonstrate that their design can actually fly.
If they don't, they'll fly or they'll make a fuss and get ejected then busted before the plane leaves the ground.
Many of us feel anxious before getting on an airplane, but some people truly panic when they fly.
When you release a box of ladybugs, they usually fly away.
Insects, spiders and other tiny monsters that scurry across floors or fly through the air are frightening enough.
Using special tags, scientists have learned where gray-headed albatrosses fly between mating seasons.
It's one of the determining factors in how far a fly ball will carry, for example.
Plain, stocky sandpipers, they can fly a distance equivalent to a trip to the moon and back over the course of their lifetimes.
And they are more resistant to the olive fruit fly than normal-density trees.
Every day brings another new story about why it sucks to fly.
At the entrance to a deep, dark cave, a few bats fly out and begin swirling high up into the air.
Ironically, for both the fly and the fishing spider, the attributes that make support possible also inhibit locomotion.
She'll never fly out to forage in the great blue beyond.
Researchers provided males with potential gifts-either a fly or an inedible item, such as a bit of cotton.
But he's jumpy around bees now and even the sound of a fly makes the hairs on his arms stand up.
Moths generally fly at night and lie low during the day.
Alligators on a treadmill have helped give scientists new insight into how birds fly.
Many tailgaters insisted on their right to fly the flag on campus, and denied that the flag has ties to racism or hatred.
From time to time eagles fly past, following the course of the river below.
In other words, the thing has to work in order for the jet to fly safely.
The position is adjunct and the budget does not allow to fly anyone out.
So instead of dealing with all the red tape, many pilots are simply choosing to fly illegally.
They really shafted me, enough to actually fly somewhere.
Tyner has accepted the possibility that he may never be able to fly again.
When a planet is torn apart, the fragments fly into different directions.
Using the new runway the planes will fly over the plant lower and more frequently.
She is now a permanent resident there because she never learned to fly fast enough to survive in the wild.
If you see a virtual fly buzzing around, that fly will actually sound as though it's coming from the right direction.
People gather at festivals all over the world to fly them.
Other birds fly faster than the great snipe, but for shorter distances.
He also began hiring pilots to fly him over the vast parks.
He went on to become a nationally ranked marksman and expert fly fisherman.
Without an air bridge to bring in arms and medicines and fly out spices and gold, the revolution was sunk.
They can also swap genes with animals, which is probably how humans ended up with fly genes.
Pre-fly lizards began to glide first--perching is a modern physical capability as pointed out in the article.
Wild ducks jet up and down the blue waters in spring and autumn, and fly fishermen wade the riffles, casting leisurely.
And prepare to be awed by how they fly in formation.
On the ceiling's plaster medallions, putti fly, streaming gilded vines in their wake.
What's more, if you fly across this country and look down, you will see that it includes a lot of emptiness.
Better to let the student go about his life unawares, as if his verbal fly were open.
Even when they're there for the health insurance, many of our best writers live in fly-over country.
Sure, the committee can fly through agenda items, but it's a total abdication of responsibility.
Later in the afternoon they began to fly to the fishing-grounds, and back and forth, singly and in small groups.
But an aeroplane carrying a rocket can fly to the window instead.
It already looks as if establishing the no-fly zone was the easy part.
My generation grew up traveling long distances in trains because only the rich could afford to fly.
Fly twice a day every day in your life, and the chance of a crash landing is still less than one in a million.
To restore confidence, hedge funds have tried to shed their reputation for being fly-by-night operations.
Instead they are trying to invent a whole new technology for harvesting wind: electricity generators that fly.
But struggling airlines want planes that fly cheaper, not faster.
On-the-fly camera settings and in-the-field improvisations.
Though they cannot fly, ostriches are fleet, strong runners.
Others will steadfastly refuse to fly on an airplane, buy a house, or act on a hot stock tip.
By crossing over the polar region, planes are able to fly shorter distances and burn less fuel.
Her design will be made into a flag and will fly above our ocean research ship later this year.
Some experts have suggested the designs are meant to flag the web's presence so large animals do not walk or fly into them.
To feed, they fly from perches and catch insects on or near the ground.
The carrier, which did not specify an end date for the seasonal route, will fly one daily round-trip flight between the cities.
Agent fly may well be ordered out on reconnaissance missions.
Of course, it would take a lot of work to perform any of these heroic acts, because this bird doesn't fly.
Navy aviators want their drone to really fly themselves.
Today's robots that fly, jump or roll around must refuel or recharge as does any gadget that runs out of energy.
So the scientists set out to search for the fly genes involved in alcohol sensitivity.
Maybe anytime one or two birds fly off, they all do.
The effect was reproducible but initially considered to be unique to the fruit fly.
There are a few key alterations to bird bodies that make it so they can fly.
The study's results fly in the face of the long-held view that as time goes on people use a smaller portion of their brain.
Unlike people who fly off the handle and stubbornly never let off their position in a confrontation or dispute.
It replaces all other content with similar-but-false data on-the-fly.
The new total price to fly, including various fees, means that the airlines are more viable.
He can fly home regularly to visit relatives or invest his earnings in a new business.
It turns out there is a fly in my soup-and a chimp and a worm and a pumpkin.
No-fly zones are not bloodless affairs, and are often measured in years rather than months.
Also he was suffering from high blood pressure and was prone to fly into dyspeptic rages.
Such a request might fly with a sugar daddy, but this über-rich gentleman was pursuing me by traditional methods.
The difference with cyber is there are people trying to fly planes into buildings every day now.
He used to want to fly out of self-awareness, day and night, a body in raw motion.
It's one of those things that if he's floating that balloon it better fly.
And the bluebird flying out of the tree symbolizes the way bluebirds fly off when you knock down their trees.
For many years, she was afraid to fly, and didn't leave the country until after she was eighty.
Researchers have created a robotic fly for covert surveillance.
All traffic from a certain network is forced through the proxy, allowing communications to be monitored and modified on the fly.
More recently, various groups have begun to focus on a fly in the ointment: the practical implementation of this process.
The number of these virtual machines can be expanded or contracted on the fly to meet demand, creating tremendous efficiencies.
The smart windows should also be smarter than birds so that birds do not fly into them.
Look at the upper surface of the wing next time you fly anywhere.
The potential successor to the space shuttle gets ready to fly.
He realized he could describe the fly's movements and its location by measuring its distance from two perpendicular walls.
Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he were sane he had to fly them.
Anglers fly fish for the same reason some deer hunters use longbows and arrows.
That's right, the pups are the latest in the no-fly zone.
Others made machines that could fly and machines that could think, discovered a mold that conquered infections.

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