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Example sentences for flutter

Adult males flutter above the water, their wings a whir.
When a pitcher throws a knuckleball, the ball has no rotation and appears to flutter.
The lacy curtains from the secondhand shop flutter over the bedroom window.
The city's divisions flutter even from its car-radio aerials.
Birds of all feathers flutter throughout the works of the bard.
He theatrically turned his head to watch a butterfly flutter by.
Space is full of images that make a geek's heart flutter.
The result is timing variations that cause artifacts known as wow and flutter.
Cactus wrens call and mourning doves flutter in and out of the skirts.
Witness the text messages of freedom literally flutter free from insurgent cell phones.
Giant blue butterflies flutter clumsily past our canoe.
The full-body twitch stills to the occasional flutter.
The conventional backstroke combines an upside-down crawl with a flutter kick.
The cramped store sells all manner of things that flutter.
Her delicate hands flutter above the fish, swooping and cutting with elegant precision.
The feathers are fine and flutter in wisps in the breeze.
Though snowflakes flutter past, freezing rain and ice build up on the cables, which naturally vibrate.
As unbidden thoughts flutter to mind, they let them go.
Don't turn away when those deciduous leaves begin to shrivel and flutter from the hardwood trees.
It is an effect of the spiked light frequency pattern on the pupil causing a pulsation or flutter response in the pupil.
Occasionally, when she is thinking, her eyes close and her eyelids flutter.
Others flutter along by whirling hairlike propellers on their heads.
At the same time, she must not fuss and flutter and get agitated and seemingly make efforts in their behalf.
Upon entering the room he felt his limbs tremble, his heart flutter, his tongue falter.
We mention the biology teacher's name and flutter our lashes, holding our hands over our hearts.
She had pigeons dyed different colors to flutter around the grounds.
The room is dusty, and birds flutter in the rafters.
We have some bats that live in the neighborhood, and at dusk they kind of flutter around the window.
Animation is, at heart, the simplest form of cinema: a flutter of drawings fooling the eye into seeing motion.
They can be suspended from trees limbs and left to flutter in the breeze, or they can decorate the walls or windows.
The pigeons peck and coo, occasionally flutter their wings.

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