fluting in a sentence

Example sentences for fluting

Each sought to wound the other's pride, but their sweet fluting pierced only the evening silence.
Fluting refers to the removal of a flake from the base extending towards the tip that thins the base.
However, different methods and amounts of either fluting or knurling may be confused with each other.
The fluting on the pilasters is more delicate, and the reeding is absent from the surround.
They are hand-carved with wooden fluting, braiding and paneling on the jamb.
Treatment of the quoins alternates between vermiculation and deep fluting.
The technology to produce such a combined-board would involve conventional fluting of the medium.
The columns feature a deeply incised fluting which creates dramatic shadow lines.
Crimping or fluting the edges of a double-crust pie seals the dough and keeps the filling from leaking out during baking.
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