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Example sentences for fluted

Warm-colored wood floors are a highlight of the interior, as are fluted concrete pilasters that break up the long corridors.
Roll to one-third inch in thickness, shape with a fluted round cutter five inches in diameter.
She wore a red robe, flowing in closely fluted lines from under a fancifully embroidered cloak.
He stopped at an ironwood tree to admire its silvery fluted trunk, its striking combination of delicacy and strength.
Many descend on trails that give hikers and horseback riders a close look at the fluted walls and sculptured pinnacles.
Brioche is a luxurious loaf of buttery, eggy, yeast-risen bread often baked in a fluted round with a top knot.
The fluted style can be recognized by an arching groove, cut horizontally at the base of the point.
The cool season box also has an agitator and has standard grain drill cups with fluted feed and a shifter output control.
Columns with both plain and fluted shafts are paired at the ends of the veranda and in the center.

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