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It has been a busy week for fans of contemporary flute music.
The charmer's flute entices the cobra by its shape and movement, not by the music it emits.
And in the middle of this room was a guy wearing no clothes, shivering, playing the flute.
Other robot dolls are available to serve tea, perform somersaults, and play the flute.
Rather, it is watching and matching the movement of the flute.
Guitar, drum, flute and singing combined in a hauntingly melodic paean to these hallowed grounds.
Athletes jumped from a standing start, and it was done to flute music.
In my opinion, if computer bulletin boards are jazz, they are a particularly simple form where everyone plays the nose flute.
The bird, perched unblinking on a low branch not ten feet away, hooted a rising scale as if whistling through a slide flute.
For example no one has ever exhorted me to go play the flute for charity, or use yoga to sent spiritual messages to the world.
There were elastic time signatures and flowing keyboard melodies, but there were also plenty of meandering flute solos.
Place your sugar cube in a chilled flute and soak it with a few dashes of bitters.
There was music played on traditional instruments, among them the flute, lute and drum.
Chords drone, decorated by flute, clarinet and piano figures.
His phrasing on both instruments and, in a tantalizing stretch, on flute was fitful but masterful.
Some musicians acknowledged that due to lack of consideration, they had abandoned the flute in favor of other instruments.

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blow as he would, though it made a great noise, The flute would play only \'The Protestant Boys'.... more
there's nothing compared with the ould Orange flute.... more
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