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In the world of college admissions, these words bring about a flurry of discussion and debate.
Amid a flurry of banners and a cloud of dust each year, the horses tear down the track.
Watch coral reefs reproduce in a flurry of carefully-timed action.
It was also the latest in a flurry of combinations that is reconfiguring the pharmaceutical sector.
For the next few days, there was a flurry of controversy over whether or not the surreal, over-the-top comic was legitimate.
There was a prolonged silence, followed by a flurry of questions.
Hence a flurry of new thinking about higher education.
Eventually the ice patch becomes too dense and falls out as a flurry of snow.
Another reason to think that m-health has a promising future is the flurry of business interest in it.
The flurry of explosions and bullets had the intended effect.
And so our neurons search for the undulating order, trying to make sense of this flurry of pitches.
But the flurry of interest in courting other foreign capital suggests a desire to diversify.
Consumers are now having to absorb a flurry of punches.
But there is less to this flurry of righteousness than meets the eye.
But the flurry of activity raises two big questions.
As the feast approached, there was a flurry of getting ready.
The old trot in a flurry ran to the head of the stairs and called for help.
So, the article was published and to my great surprise, it caused a flurry of e-mails.
The nine-course menu changes weekly, and starts with a flurry of unlisted canap├ęs.
Another flurry of catalogue searching reveals a more cheering, if complex, truth.
We can't edit them out, or bury them in a flurry of tweets.
The flurry of new discoveries has come with the invention of a new way to look for microbes.
If the flurry of activity reeks of desperation, well, these are desperate times.
They got the project under way in a fine flurry of flag-waving and transcendental pop-science rants.
Candidates, parties and allied interest groups have engaged in an unusually heavy flurry of summer communication with voters.
But this flurry of activity still may not be enough.
The flurry of land-rights declarations was soon suppressed.
Apple's announcement will almost certainly spark a flurry of activity amongst its tech rivals.
In response, there has been a flurry of rule-of-law studies.
The travelling press pack flew into a flurry of excitement.
The flurry of possibilities set off a rush of restlessness and indecision.
The price often falls after this initial flurry of trading subsides.

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