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Example sentences for flung

Thanks to an unexpected mold outbreak in two residence halls, that far-flung fantasy is about to come true.
If all you need to do is chat with far-flung students, there are many easier ways to do it.
Students at far-flung campuses can now participate simultaneously during lectures with the push of a button.
Long-lost friends can reconnect, far-flung ones can stay in touch.
The busy parent can stay in touch with far-flung friends.
Usually these discussions leave my head spinning, unable to keep track of all of the concepts being flung my way.
The stock market gradually climbed, but it was besieged by both far-flung debt crises and domestic flash crashes.
If you open it up, you'll see the wet clothes flung against the side of the washer.
The royalties financed far-flung bird recording trips.
The good to be sought and the evil to be shunned were flung in the balance and weighed against each other.
He carried the scores with him on his far-flung promotional trips, and they were with him when he died.
His face is badly bruised-the earthquake flung him to the floor of his house-but otherwise he is fine.
Osman careens out away from the cliff and plummets earthward, limbs flung wide.
Their relationship to their far-flung subsidiaries is that of an investor.
Suddenly, he felt that a great hand had grabbed him and flung him across the surface.
Then there is the story of how the exchange of data between far-flung computers gets easier every day.
In exasperation he took off his own hat and flung it to the ground.
From these consequences would come yet further-flung effects.
Horizontally to the nuclei orbit, chips are flung out to produce a pole on each side of the orbit.
It is the unique record of some far-flung collection of particles in the early universe.
It keeps a bunch of people, who are worthless, well paid as they come up with far flung useless ideas.
It then narrowly missed the planet and was flung by the enormous amount of momentum deeper into the solar system.
The resident's voice rang out as he flung back the curtain.
Really, the science of cyber-brains is simply too far flung to even speculate.
Horizontally to the nuclei orbit, chips are flung out to produce a pole on each side of the orbit.
The two seem to go hand in hand, but protected areas are often set up in far-flung areas where poverty if rife.
Our solar system however might eventually be flung out of, or deep into the on-going galactic train wreck.
Eventually, the star slows quite a bit, and the disk material spins up and gets flung off.
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.
Suddenly my prisoner broke from me and flung himself on the wall.
Some one flung up a window, and a draught of cool air sucked through the room.
The latter flung himself at the feet of his deliverer, and bathed him with his tears.
With a sense of relief he entered the library and flung himself down in his armchair.
He flung the clothes to the ground, and trampled on them in the sight of all.
The problem was that it wasn't trivial to get the position-time data of the flung birds.
Napoleon was running things by now and immediately recognized the benefit to his far-flung armies.
One thing led to another, and the game designers took the notion to a far-flung conclusion.
Stringing wires on utility poles in the world's far-flung corners would cost a fortune, perhaps tens of billions of dollars.
Whether you plan to stay stateside or visit a far-flung destination, odds are you'll have to book a flight.
Insults flung in the heat of anger always inflict some pain.
And the effects of rising temperatures aren't waiting for some far-flung future.
They offer a short but deep dive into far-flung cultures and transformative experiences.
People must have gathered from far-flung settlements to erect the first known temples.
But the collision also flung a small world's worth of vaporized rock into orbit.
Be it a weekend escape or far-flung adventure, every occasion promises the chance for a great photograph.
Shock waves would have flung the material from the planet.
Windows were smashed, fires lit, fire extinguishers flung from the roof and the outnumbered police pelted with sticks.
The lesson was not lost on other firms with far-flung global supply chains.
Its workers abandoned tight-knit cities for ever more far-flung suburbs, requiring longer commutes.
When you've seen one half-ton piece of metal flung through the air, you've seen them all.
When he reached the bottom of the hill, he took off his suit jacket and flung it over his shoulder.
She unrolled her window and flung the pit into a wind suddenly heavy with a smell of tornadoes.
The windows were all flung open, but there wasn't even the hint of a breeze, not even the slightest wind coming in from outside.
What a distance the bridge traveled as it flung itself across the river.
The two were soon married and living in far-flung places.
Books are piled everywhere, and jackets are flung over the banister.
But for all its far-flung ambition, the company isn't synonymous with many things.
Move it out to the perimeter, however, and the increased speed will cause the penny to be flung away.
Sometimes the marital advantages marbled throughout the code show up in far-flung places.
So, it does seem as if you're always on the road, reporting from somewhere far-flung.
They were asked to imagine themselves vacationing in each of the far-flung locations.
As quartermaster, his responsibilities included getting supplies to the far-flung army.
In less formal settings, clays can be hand-flung or cast out with a spring loaded device.
Those programs are doomed no matter how much capital is flung at them.
Exotic flowers also indicated their far-flung explorations and their expertise in botany.
When nucleons are flung at one another, they can mesh briefly.
The committee was composed of delegates representing each of the county's seventeen diverse and far-flung districts.

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