flummoxed in a sentence

Example sentences for flummoxed

And the moment a change is introduced, the process must begin anew, since the staff is flummoxed as to how to proceed once again.
But ask them how they make it, and they're suddenly flummoxed.
Newcomers who are intrigued by this phenomenal success story might be flummoxed when they see the film.
And if minerals that depend upon life for their formation show up, then researchers will be flummoxed.
So, when foxed and flummoxed, there's nothing for it but this excellent glossary.
Pollsters are also flummoxed by the question of how to count voters who use only mobile phones.
But when forced to access it consciously, you're flummoxed.
They're flummoxed that some of the rest of the genome has significant signs of intermixture.
Caddy remained responsive and attentive, but soon seemed flummoxed, confessing that his client had cut off communication.
Stick to your principles or join the machine-it's a choice that has flummoxed many an indie band.
Meanwhile, folks were somewhat flummoxed by various reports on who gave and how much.
Floridians are generally not flummoxed by the variety of reptile species that invade their state.
Don't be flummoxed this flu season: a run of flu through your staff easily could cripple response capability.
And those new college freshmen will be flummoxed that your life really didn't end when they decamped.
Simple as it is, scholars are flummoxed about the dessert's origins.
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