flume in a sentence

Example sentences for flume

They ride the flume of the circulatory system to the liver.
The pylon disappears inside a towering flume of powder.
It also has picnic area, lagoon for swimming, white sandy beach area and flume water slides.
The more daring members can check out the park's flume slides, while the lazy river and wave pool offer more relaxing atmospheres.
The flume restricts the flow then lands it again in a definite fashion.
At the dam, water from the river is diverted into a flume, a wooden trough supported on a bench carved out of the mountainside.
The way a flume measurement works is that a portable flume is placed level in the stream and all flow is directed through it.
Thus, one may roughly but not precisely move computed velocities from the flume to the field.

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Still farther on we scrambled up the rocky channel of a brook, which had long served nature for a sluice there, leaping ... more
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