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Example sentences for fluke

There is about a one in a thousand chance that this observation is a fluke.
It is easy to sympathize with fishermen who say that there are still plenty of fluke out there.
Elsewhere in the region, re-election may start to become a habit, not a fluke.
Even more remarkable, his mummification was a total fluke.
The signal is much more likely to be a fluke than anything else.
There is local fluke tossed with herbs and pickled pineapple, silky and difficult not to bolt.
For though the path was certain, it was in no way protected from danger or fluke.
If it were a one-time thing, we'd chalk it up to a fluke.
All that kept him balanced was the fluke of a weaker current.
The fluke was five inches long, twice as big as its two-and-a-half-inch roll of rice.
It is also possible, the researchers said, that the findings are a statistical fluke.
The first time he does this in a game, and makes it, opposing coaches and players think it must be a fluke.
Eventually through a fluke almost as gratuitous as the killing itself, they captured the murderers.
Some experts consider the ship's demise a fluke-it was built to ply icy waters and was helmed by an experienced captain.
Researchers had thought this species might be a fluke-a single, short-lived dispersal of one type of tetrapod.
His entrance into national politics was a fluke-albeit, if he runs, an enormously beneficial one.
Real recruitment was more often than not a sheer fluke.
Many minority candidates have had such narrow appeal that only a fluke will get them elected to higher office.
The establishment of democracy in these two postwar regimes was a bizarre fluke that has not been and will not be repeated.
We had experienced a fluke, and the fluke had ended.
For example, in these estuaries, snails that are infected with trematodes outnumber those that are fluke-free.
Most likely, scientists say, their near coincidence is merely a statistical fluke.
But that's a fluke, a feature of the history of engineering that reflects what we've learned to build.
Individually, each team's result could be a statistical fluke.
It was not clear whether the higher rate was caused by a statistical fluke or the drug itself.
Dishes include ricotta gnocchi with sausage and fennel, spaghetti carbonara and fluke with spinach and shallots.
With their third studio album, the country-pop trio looks to prove that previous crossover success wasn't a fluke.
Patients shouldn't put a lot of stock in a single study, because results may be a fluke.
Additionally, it could have been a statistical fluke.
Most physicists eventually concluded that the extra energy was either a fluke or the product of an experimental error.
And yet when it comes to citrate-eating, evolution seems to have produced a fluke.
It could well be that my entire life experience is a total fluke.
But that trophy is mostly due to a fluke of the calendar.
It could be a fluke, or even a cynical manipulation designed to make the candidate look good.
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