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Example sentences for fluidity

It lacks the quick fluidity and instant comprehension of your native tongue.
Water is not the only liquid to provide the fluidity that increases the likelihood of life emerging.
Even if this method does not pan out exactly, this fluidity makes intuitive sense.
The fluidity of their dress may actually contribute to why they make so many people uneasy.
Both cases illustrate how social construction can impede rather than enable fluidity.
Animals move with a restrained fluidity that makes them stand out from inanimate objects.
The humps are always there, but the shapes move and change with uncanny swiftness and fluidity.
People are less rooted, but that means there is more fluidity in labor mobility.
Science, as a whole, is a venture that best works when there is fluidity and an openness in how information is shared.
There is complex, variable fluidity in voting behavior and people's minds.
Language does indeed have fluidity, but it relies on common understandings to function.
Once words enter the workplace they're allowed to bounce about between different parts-of-speech with freewheeling fluidity.
Each is denoted by a glowing archway, but there are no barriers between them, suggesting the fluidity of the productive impulse.
The total effect of these four lines is one of beautiful fluidity developing out of symmetry.
There's a positive preference at work as well: for fluidity over stability, for dynamism over lamination.
Nothing is more characteristic of that life than its extreme fluidity.
For all his fluidity there is an awesome mechanical beat to his progress.
The incorporation of saturated fatty acids into the cell decreases cellular membrane fluidity.
The sheer fluidity of talking has other benefits, too.
Worker mobility gives the tech industry fluidity, velocity, and energy.
We have now reached a period of fluidity, uncertainty, and opportunity.
The fight scenes-which is to say, the movie-are as impressive for their inventiveness as their fluidity.
There is also a brightness and a fluidity easily matched by sprightly charm and good looks.
The book circles and broods, transferring meanings between landscape and people with a fluidity that almost dissolves boundaries.
The idea of fluidity is inseparable from that of unpredictability.
Governments have responded to this fluidity partly by reducing their corporate-tax rates.
Or the abandonment of punctuation in order to achieve some kind of bogus emotional fluidity at the expense of cogency.
The second problem is the fluidity of the state's population.
We create one global authority that is only empowered to encourage fluidity and protect life.
In fashion also, you're moving from one pose to another with no fluidity.
Displays fluidity when sliding and getting to the cut-off point.
As of now, there still appears to be some fluidity in the batting order.
He says he has been using weights intelligently, bulking up without sacrificing speed and fluidity.
For in looking back, there is usually a point at which past events lose their fluidity.

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