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Yet the statement was instantly and fluently comprehensible.
All the plays are deftly and fluently written, but they fail in sustained power.
He was drunk, but spoke fluently and boldly, only occasionally losing the thread of his sentences and drawling his words.
Remember, you are not writing for someone who knows your topic fluently.
Finally, a fluently-speaking fencer told her it was really, really annoying and to shut up.
He had lived there for years, mostly at the village level, and he spoke the language fluently.
Talks easily, fluently and pleasantly likes people and gets on well with them.
Bill speaks fluently on other subjects, but it can be nerve-wracking to hear him talk about designs of houses and buildings.
Which is not to imply that his overall narrative is ever less than large-minded and fluently composed.
We do not understand the language of the genome well enough to read and write it fluently.
We want to know why some children struggle to speak fluently, and why others have difficulty learning to read.
The inability to communicate fluently in a common language made all the difference.
As with any new genre, there's lots of lingo to learn in order to speak the language of pre-conception fluently.
When you have written, edited and rewritten your episode, practice it until you can deliver your lines fluently.
His ability to switch back and forth so fluently between different guitar styles is one of the things that make him so great.
But payments in this common currency cannot circulate fluently between them.
Those who are perfectly familiar with two languages are apt to speak both fluently and neither correctly.
All students have to learn it, but unless they receive extra tuition-or are exceptionally talented-few can speak it fluently.
But don't forget: it takes babies years to learn to speak their native language fluently.
Bush was repeatedly attacked for not being able to speak properly and fluently.
The web site is easy for children to navigate and allows children to hear stories read fluently.
Read multi- syllabic words fluently, using letter-sound knowledge.

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