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We've seen airplanes flown into buildings used as weapons.
The pneumatic tube service, by the way, will have reached its perfection long before the first half of the new century has flown.
He told us that some one had recently flown an airplane under the span.
These were flown aloft by live pilots who then bailed out after turning the navigation over to radio control by remote pilots.
With the last bird shot or flown away ended our evening's sport.
The increased loading caused by inertia during a well flown turn is felt within the cabin as a peculiar heaviness.
Previously, probes have either flown past or orbited their targets.
But then it awarded them another contract, under which military personnel are flown throughout the country today.
All the pheasants that haven't flown before the gun are selected for, and you've got a lot more running pheasants.
Twice a week he gets organically grown vegetables flown in.
Countless tons of supplies had been flown in or were on their way.
In the absence of news reports, bird flu might seem to have flown the coop.
It features the largest digital camera ever to be flown in space.
They will know nothing about all the billions of galaxies which have flown out of sight.
Many of you have flown up here for awe inspiring vacations.
Anyone who has flown both knows full well the difference.
Instead, supplies to the settlement have to be flown in or ferried upriver.
When the round is fired, the internal computer counts the number of rotations it makes, to calculate the distance flown.
Unmanned aircraft have flown at more than five times the speed of sound.
If these iced up and conveyed faulty data, the pilots might have flown too slow or too fast for the conditions.
These plodding, incremental steps are not as exciting as high-flown dreams of perfect democracy.
The court tried to have him flown abroad for a brain scan, but no country would accept him.
Another idea is that the insect may have glided or flown from above and directly plopped into the mud.
Since then one of the four eagles has flown the coop.
They have flown with an expert team of hurricane hunters and have helped them conduct their studies in the eye of a hurricane.
Most of the time, the wasps' ant-dropping behavior was unprovoked, with ants being simply grabbed and flown away.
Three seconds later, the fish eagle had flown over our heads with a fish in its talons.
If you belonged to a loyalty program, you'd get a point for every mile flown.
But once is not enough, the rocket must then be flown again to the same height within two weeks.
Muir arranges for him to be flown quietly into town.
Encourage them to describe kites they've seen or even flown.
One might even think, did one not know better, that they have flown far to get away from her.
So for this plane that hasn't even flown yet, a potential enemy knows its strengths and weaknesses.
No aircraft has ever flown that fast with an air-breathing engine.
Statistically, it's comparable to, or better than any other vehicle flown.
Most people have flown on commercial aircraft and looked out the windows.
It has flown more people into orbit than any other craft and done an awful lot.
Everything else has flown from there, with the two streams of blogging and freelancing crossing in a nicely synergistic way.
Willy had flown alone, intending only to shuttle them back to the island.
So instead of reinventing the wheel, they'll be using stuff that has flown before and putting it together in an efficient way.
He had flown through eight time zones to answer questions, only to face interrogators more keen on listening to themselves.
Some of their turnout may have been siphoned off by the presence of another group that had flown in with them.
He also asked for the rear door to remain unlocked and the plane to be flown low and slow.
Orders received after the three-week deadline may not be flown on the date specified, but will be flown as soon as possible.

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