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Create the illusion of flowing water in your garden.
He worked a hand pump on the inside and leaned his head out to make sure the liquid gold was flowing.
The architecture of the building also creates a free-flowing, inventive atmosphere.
So tens of billions of dollars were flowing into retirement funds and then into the stock market.
Higher-education lobbyists scramble to find ways to keep money flowing for research, infrastructure, and other campus projects.
As long as more tuition money is flowing toward the university's budget, high discounting might not be a problem.
Sometimes in spring the waterfalls are flowing but trails to access them are still closed for the season.
Air flowing into an area of low pressure rises, making a counterclockwise spiral on the way in.
At more hotels, the wine is flowing freely and free.
Reservoirs can alleviate river flooding by absorbing and spreading out flood crests flowing down the river.
If the good news keeps flowing, he could begin climbing up from the bottom of fantasy draft boards.
Since the tornado is in rising air, wind is flowing in from air around into the tornado.
And this is a minnow of an airline which basically had no cash flowing to it, so it could pay it's suppliers.
Psychologists refer to the information flowing into our working memory as our cognitive load.
Water flowing through the turbines, of course, reduces the amount flowing over the falls.
Electric motors provide propulsion, while two gasoline engines drive generators that keep the juice flowing.
These tubes, known as fuel rods, are spaced in an array with water flowing between them.
Placed in a river, a water wheel picks up flowing water in buckets located around the wheel.
Flowing molten rock burned hundreds of buildings in the town.
Of course, even if electricity keeps flowing, there could be impacts on homes and businesses.
Warm air flowing over the storm clouds becomes cooler and heavier as it interacts with moisture.
Rather than sucking blood, vampire bats make a small cut with their teeth and then lap up the flowing blood with their tongues.
Waterfalls occur when flowing river water drops abruptly and vertically.
If any more flowing juices and beating hearts crowded in here, the place might start moving around on its own.
The result keeps the bacteria hungry and the juice flowing.
Hydroelectric power uses the energy of flowing water to generate electricity, similar to the way wind generates electricity.
On the board, draw a picture of a lake with a river flowing into it.
Water slowly flows back into the cells, blood starts flowing again, and the frog revives.
With autumn comes the flowing sap that makes maple syrup for pancakes.
It is an ebb of the individual rivulet before the flowing surges of the sea of life.
They ate from rich dishes and they drank from flowing wine cups.
New findings suggest that fine clays may be deposited by relatively fast-flowing water.
Close's costumes alone can attract attention, with their flowing veils and elegant jewels.
Start with the liquidity flowing into the euro-area banking system.
And the public funds have an odd habit of flowing towards politically connected projects.
Foreign aid and investment are flowing in and inflation is under control.
Yet as far as getting money and credit flowing through the economy are concerned, regulation is heading in the opposite direction.
Water is now flowing again into many of the drained areas.
What limits the speed of a helicopter is the same thing that allows it to hover-the air flowing over its spinning rotor blades.
They are more elegant, less clunky and have flowing lines.
More money is flowing into the hands of youths and all.
Now they are worried about capital flowing in the opposite direction.
The potato experiment uses electrodes of two different metals to set up a charge difference that gets local electrons flowing.
Also, coffee has a diuretic effect that might keep the carcinogens flowing along, so to speak.
Wine can help keep conversation flowing at a dinner party.
The scientists then slowly increased the frequency of an electric current flowing into the quartz.
The gate could be raised and lowered in accordance with tide and weather, controlling water flowing in and out of the river.
Farm irrigation from these free-flowing bodies is the biggest single human use of freshwater.
And aerobic exercise, which really gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing, is supposed to be the way to go.
The opposing view holds that the nervous system is a highly interconnected, free-flowing data meshwork, or reticulum.
There were mountains of food sitting on the table-enough crudités, pâtés, and rillettes to keep the conversation flowing.
The warriors drink directly from the freshly flowing vein and do not mix the hot blood with any type of dairy.
Accompanying all this activity was the rhythmic swooshing of milk flowing through the overhead pipeline.
It's the latest government agency to try to capitalize on the wealth of information flowing publicly through social networks.
In a ravine she went where a spring was silently flowing through a hollow log.
Economic and political power is flowing to developing countries at an unprecedented speed.
When a poor economy threatens credit, the government guarantee option can ensure that mortgages keep flowing.
Although the day had started out calmly, after several hours a headwind sprang up, flowing directly down on us out of the north.
The negative externality of lots of freely flowing information is distraction.
Hundreds of tweets were flowing through the hashtag, some old retweets, some new.
With oil flowing cheaply again, the industry swiftly collapsed.
All of these industries involve a professional element in which information is flowing.
Instead of flowing through town as quickly as water, traffic will slow to the speed of syrup.
Slouched on a wicker chair, his hands in his pockets, he stared unseeing at the swiftly flowing river below him.
Yet, because the railways offered-and sometimes delivered-the prospect of enormous wealth, the money kept flowing.
If that works, water to cool the six reactors at the plant might get flowing, which would help.
She's warm enough to keep things flowing but irreverent enough to keep movie stars on edge.
And the brown and blue ink flowing from your hand mingled into lines only the ink could intend.
We try to remain oblivious to the thousands of dollars flowing through our prescription pens.
To do this, policymakers around the world need to do two things: get credit flowing again and prop up spending.
She was wearing an immensely dramatic flowing red dress.
He makes a flowing stream out of historical facts, scholarly opinions, and his own suppositions.
More generally, the novel occasionally feels too long for its weight, its seething activity spinning rather than flowing.
Waiters in crisp white jackets kept the bellinis flowing as the guests made their way into the dining room.
And soon enough, money and success come flowing in too.
They rush the body to an ice bath, and then they keep blood flowing with a heart-lung resuscitator.
By the time he left, the ammonia was flowing freely.
In order to keep the current flowing, the traumatized axons start to build more channels.
Doctors were all too familiar with the low rumbling murmur generated by blood tortuously flowing through a rheumatic valve.
Flowing upward under the weak gravity, the dusty gas itself glows from heat as it rises up into space.
Despite this there would be an uninterrupted stream of data, flowing in both directions.
Even if by some chance an animal carried a few pollen grains to a flower's stigma, flowing water would easily wash them off.
The wavelength can change in the way he predicted and ripples move slowly upwards, even though the water is flowing down.
When an ailing heart can't move blood on its own, an implanted pump can help keep it flowing smoothly.
The air turns the rotor and emerges on the other side, moving more slowly now than the air flowing outside the turbine.
Typically, they occur when a blood clot blocks an artery and prevents blood from flowing to the brain.
The inner surface of the device has a herringbone design, which generates a vortex in the blood flowing through it.
In electromagnetism, the current flowing through a wire creates a circular magnetic field around the wire.
On the other side of the membrane is a compartment with fluid flowing in the opposite direction.
The river responds by rising and flowing more slowly.
In addition, energy is lost as the current flows through muscle, and more so when flowing across the fibers.
In aviation, stall means that there isn't enough air flowing over the top surface of the wing.
Help keep the grants flowing-- more cash in the feeding dish.
When a single protein binds to an antibody along the wire, the current flowing through the wire changes.
It doesn't include environmental costs, military costs to keep oil flowing.
But to get data flowing, nodes must find their neighbors automatically and set up radio connections.
Pumps need a set of valves to keep the fluid flowing in one direction and the heart is no exception.
It's a natural boundary dividing the waters flowing west from those flowing east or north.
Explore how the energy from flowing water can be converted to electricity.
The poetic notion is that flowing water brings commerce, delights the eye, and cools the summer heat.
The vast majority of the oil and other hydrocarbons seem to be gone, less than six months after the crude stopped flowing.
And with the money flowing so easily, no one particularly cared.
Add a tablespoon or two of chicken stock, if necessary, to keep the mixture flowing.
Taking extra time and care now will keep things flowing smoothly for the next few weeks.
City lawsuits are a great way of flowing city money to friends and family.

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