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Example sentences for flowery

Others say it's slightly sweet and peppery, musky, or has a flowery scent.
The flowery adjectives, snide references and angry tone make much of this discussion not helpful.
Results are what count, not flowery phrases and rhetorical flourishes.
She was wearing a flowery rose-colored skirt, a bright blue sweatshirt, and a bandanna tied under her chin.
These partnerships have painted the world in a resplendent palette of flowery hues.
It only flows that they will be more interested in a more flowery, but less functional web-site.
As for the wine, no flowery descriptions here-recommendations are made straightforwardly, with no extraneous information.
His own vocabulary of contempt has grown only more poisonously flowery.
Maidens crowned with flowery wreaths danced around a maypole.
Guest rooms have a homey design with lavender hues and flowery bedding.
That's right, forget the flowery rhetoric, we're starting the night talking about potholes.
The biggest difference visitors notice is the lack of pine or flowery smells, which are signs of chemical perfumes or additives.
At high concentrations, it gives off the odor of feces but at lower concentrations, it smells flowery.
Incorporated into cosmetic products, it produces a sweet, flowery aroma.
In flowery prose, these publications described the beauty and productivity of the region.
Salesmanship and flowery language won't help you here, this is by you, for you.
Avoid using flowery language and verbose descriptions, as well as agency or company specific terminology.
Within the flowery wording of those times is solid information that is important for today's tsunami researcher.

Famous quotes containing the word flowery

Now is the time for mirth, Nor cheek or tongue be dumb; For with the flowery earth The golden pomp is come.... more
He is the poet of the dawn, who wrote The Canterbury Tales and his old age Made beautiful with song; and as I read I hea... more
A happy rural seat of various view: Groves whose rich trees wept odorous gums and balm; Others whose fruit, burnished wi... more
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