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Also, no flowers or other pattern on the skirt itself.
And the world would be filled with rainbows and flowers.
When bumblebees vibrate flowers to release pollen, the corresponding buzz is quite loud.
And here you can see a big branch of flowers that's fallen down.
So there is no point in discussing all these as well as yellow flowers.
They were inspired by the idea that flowers and plants naturally turn to face the sun.
Friends of the couple have decorated the room with a thick rug of green ferns and bright-red potted flowers.
Other levels involve flying though giant lotus flowers, or blowing up comets with swipes of cosmic energy.
Flowers will wilt and food will spoil, but the lifetime of a t-shirt is only a function of your ability to do laundry.
All that remains of the natural world is the emperor's palace, an island of trees and flowers amid the sea of a planetary city.
Flowers are blooming, and things are beginning to come back, but it will never be the same again.
Bees visit flowers and get dusted with pollen as they forage.
They carry the pollen around, pollinating other flowers, and in the process make the world go round.
But a small percentage flowers in synchrony, over hundreds of square kilometers, every few decades.
From penguins to alpine flowers, animals and plants are coping with heat.
In that chapel is a lovely window where the morning light streams in and washes the simple flowers with light.
White flowers spring to life on top of the arms, and later a red fruit will grow.
Until there's proof, flowers and chocolate are probably a safer bet.
Some may fiddle with color to make flowers on a greeting card look extra-bright.
It's the juxtaposition of the nearby meadow flowers or turquoise lake that sets off the mountains' grandeur.
Starting crops from seed is a satisfying and economical way to grow your own plants, flowers, and veggies.
The flowers and plants in your own backyard or neighborhood park also may have a role in this global drama.
Bright yellow flowers poking their heads out of a streamside thicket.
But it still escapes many politicians, who blindly uproot flowers, ignorant of the celestial commotion that may ensue.
On a hot day in early summer, with flowers blooming and birds swooping through the ruins, the place is utterly empty.
Better storage and transport facilities would also allow farmers to profit from growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.
Forget those local worthies who help with the vicar's coffee mornings and arrange flowers.
Those that have done best are now moving away from staple crops to higher-value things such as flowers and fruit.
Details of the many golden flowers on the copes are picked out with carmine silk thread.
Delighted islanders greeted the refugees with songs and flowers.
For some humans, this may involve flowers, chocolate and sweet words.
My grandfather told me about his job, and he taught me to smell the flowers in the garden.
Carvings of chariot wheels, fruit and flowers emerge from soft marble.
The windows are open, giving access to a balcony with flowers in pots.
All day long they could play in the castle, down in the halls, where living flowers grew out of the walls.
Large and small crowns of tiny yellow flowers adorn the top of fennel clusters that line the roads or grow at the edge of the sea.
First, the flowers bloom in glowing yellows and oranges.
As they wilt the bases of the flowers bulge at the stems and quickly burgeon into squash.
If you think gardening is all about sunshine and beetle-free flowers, think again.
Bees tend to prefer radial, symmetrical arrangements typical of many flowers.
The winds flatten out, and you get those incredible shapes that remind me of squids and flowers.
Even a year later, the sight of drooping dogwood flowers triggers a sense of dread.
Even better, the book contained renderings of flowers as bees would see them.
As he stumbled, drunk, he lifted a crown of flowers from his head.
As often happens in this season, the revolting smell of yellow flowers went straight to my temples.
They ate the sprouts of new flowers and the buds of apples and the tough leaves of oak trees and even last year's chaff.
And waitresses at an upscale restaurant who simply put flowers in their hair boosted their tips by seventeen per cent.
Violet and yellow flowers grew right next to the house.
There were flowers growing wild among the weeds and the dogs' dirt holes.
Inside, the fragrance of the flowers mingled with the odor of wood smoke and mildew.
Your mama was planting all kinds of flowers every minute.
On his coffee table was a book about tulips, and his office was always filled with flowers.
Huge mirrors brought the garden inside, with its cascading flowers.
She'll probably greet you with flowers and chocolate.
Hazel found a bouquet of dead flowers on her driveway.
The apartment was immaculate and hushed, full of fresh flowers and great art.
The bees from a colony may collectively visit more than two million flowers in order to make a pound of honey.
If you are expecting to have flowers on the table, then we're not going to have flowers.
Its lustrous white satin billowed from the waist into a crinoline that coruscated with flowers of pearls and leaves of gold.
Sure, it's more creative than chocolate and flowers, but mental-asylum accessories don't exactly scream romance.
They're serving up seven- course meals and choosing seven kinds of flowers for their bouquets.
The fearsome plant is chiefly recognizable by its impressive height and its clusters of white flowers.
It opens to a portrait of the artist in vivid color, holding flowers.
Inside are hundreds of square kilometers of vegetables and flowers.
School children in the streets sent up balloons with flags and flowers.
Many people do not realize that all of our common trees have flowers.

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