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If the plant is in seed, carefully place a plastic bag around the entire flower head cluster to prevent the seeds from escaping.
Short inflorescence stalks emerge from the leaf axils, bearing one composite flower head and one to two leaves.
Whitish bracts stick out sharply from the flowers, which gives the flower head a rough, prickly feel and appearance.
Whitish bracts stick out sharpy from the flowers, which gives the flower head a rough, prickly feel and appearance.
But a teasel begins with a band of blue, lavender or purple flowers around the middle of each flower head and blooms both ways.
The flower head at the end of a wiry stem is cylindrical, with a fringe of rosy petals on a partly bare cone.
Stems may be simple and bear a single flower head, or branched and bear numerous heads.
Leaf texture and hairiness and flower head size are the highly variable characters.
Each flower head grows opposite the next on the stalk, with the top ones blooming first, then on down the stalk.
Each tiny flower head in prairie goldenrod has about fifteen to twenty-five flowers.
The prickly central portion of the flower head persists throughout the winter.
The end of each stem branch has a flower head that opens mid-late summer.
Each flower head has two large opposite leaves below it on the flowering stem.
The flower stalks and bracts at the base of each flower head are covered with gland-tipped hairs.
Phragmites is easily recognized by its large plumed flower head that persists throughout the winter.
The flower head is shaggy with numerous tubular, scarlet flowers on maroon bracts.
The flower head develops a characteristic rich purplish-brown color when mature.
There are about one hundred flowers to each conical-shaped flower head.
Diffuse knapweed bracts are reflexed and point straight out from the flower head.
The larva develop in the flower head and consume the seed as it develops.
Flower head stalks and phyllaries typically covered with stiff glandular hairs.
Stiff, spiny, leaflike structures called bracts curve up from the base of the flower head.
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