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The world's biggest and stinkiest flower is in full bloom.
Purchase trees in bloom to find your favorite flower shapes and colors.
In fact, they are the seed pods of a radish plant that has been allowed to flower and go to seed.
We plant breeders do this to combine two parents with complimentary great traits the same way a flower or animal breeder would.
They are indigenous evergreen shrubs with large showy flower heads prized by florists and plant collectors all over the world.
Flower: hairlike, bronze to purple, on the upper part of the stem.
Gardeners cultivate many plants primarily for their flowers--but to botanists, a flower is simply a plant's reproductive unit.
Without it, they either don't bloom, or flower poorly.
For instance, a charm part might be a little flower, or some sort of antenna might give you the charm ability.
High summer is a busy time if you are into fennel because the plant is setting seeds and is in full flower.
Manzanita is in flower, and the almonds and wild plums are in full bloom.
They flower nicely, but then the plants fall over, continuing to bloom on the ground.
Finding those flower-building genes, however, does not automatically tell scientists what their function is in a growing flower.
They try to put the ashes as close to a flower or a bush as possible.
In general, the more barren the desert is, the more rare and astonishing the flower show will be.
Even pocket gardens and containers pack a lot of flower power.
The invertebrate takes its name from the equally flashy terrestrial anemone flower.
Flower color lets chilly bees know they're a good place to warm up.
There's the truism about a weed's being a flower where you don't want it, or whatever.
Richly colored tropical plants, some with flower clusters in bizarre shapes.
In between a gear meshes with the petals of a flower.
Examine ceramic flower containers and the orchid paintings in the gallery.
Dense flower clusters on sturdy stems rise above bright green leaves.
Find a neighborhood garden where flower shoots are sprouting.
Bright yellow flower heads in large, flat-topped clusters.
Dried or fresh, they are good for flower arrangements.
Stamens protrude beyond curved surface of flower head, giving illusion of pins stuck into a cushion.
Long-lived, fibrous-rooted perennial indispensable for fall flower color.
Coax spring bulbs to flower indoors during winter.
Bright red flower clusters with yellow florets in center.
The white and yellow forms flower almost continuously.
Most have fragrant, clustered flowers, but tend not to flower prolifically in mild climates.
The company has already built a floating greenhouse, which some say could reinvent the country's essential flower industry.
As you pointed out, some people flower late, and in many jobs breadth and depth of experience adds value.
Flower petals are thrown in to embellish the final product.
The bees are also going, whose going to fertilise every flower to get a grain of wheat or whatever.
Hot and sour soup is a spicier and zingier cousin of the traditional egg flower soup.
Humans and flower petals will have to be launched another way.
Many viburnums are grown for their flower display, a few for their showy fruit.
Rosettes of oblong leaves with pointed tips subtend tufted evening-primrose's flower stalks.
Certainly not for a simple flower to post on a blog.
These birds also lend their name to a colorful flower.
Many also produce brilliant pigments and sweet nectars to lure insects, which ferry pollen from flower to flower.
Starting on the inside of the foam ring, poke these shortened stems into the foam so the flower heads sit flat and petals touch.
Flowers small, but organized into larger heads resembling a single, radially symmetrical flower cupped by a ring of green bracts.
The largest flower in the world is beautiful but stinky.
The solitary, nodding flower with an unpleasant odor rises on a stalk above a whorl of three broadly ovate, diamond-shaped leaves.
Food scraps can be buried in empty spots in vegetable and flower gardens.
It turns out that among the flower bulbs, lilies are among the easiest to grow long term in pots.
We already have a decent flower patch surrounding our back patio, which is shaded by a big pin oak tree.
Plucking a bright pink flower, he carried it with him into the house.
On the ground floor, a large space is given over to flower-arranging and dances at the weekend.
It takes a lot of time and effort to cultivate a flower garden.
Reproduction begins when a flower releases pollen, microscopic packets of genetic material, into the air.
Bees buzz from flower to flower, carrying with them important cargo.
Many flower species reflect ultraviolet light, which insects use to identify food sources.
Before a flower can set seed or form fruit, it needs to be pollinated.
Turn a shadow-box frame into a vessel for your favorite things from the garden or flower shop.
Their dramatic flower heads have the same tough perfection.
Flower color comes primarily from blooming shrubs and perennials.
Insects in seeking the nectar would get dusted with pollen, and would often transport it from one flower to another.
In the flower's throat, and the flower gaped wide with woe.
Line two and one-half inch flower-pots with paraffine paper.
The canker which the trunk conceals is revealed by the leaves, the fruit, or the flower.
Fruits are acceptable gifts, because they are the flower of commodities, and admit of fantastic values being attached to them.
Fruits are acceptable gifts because they are the flower of commodities, and admit of fantastic values being attached to them.
Plus, the thing that really sets them apart is the reproductive structure in the center of the flower, which is called the column.
Leafless with bright white spindly petals on slender spikes, the flower seems to float in the air.
The next one she set on a gatepost outside a cottage, and the next she threw right over a fence so that he landed in a flower bed.
To me, his art is one or two notches above flower arranging for the village hall.
There were on the same wall a painting, a shrunken head, and a live flower.
In those few weeks before they flower, ramps can be harvested for their green tops and bulbs.
So were many others who had never gotten out of the country, never been permitted to flower.
Then he takes the petals of a white flower and packs them around the ocher to smooth the dart's path through the blowpipe.
In the flower robot, the platform sits inside the blue wooden flowerpot.
The device's small display also has a flower that grows taller when you're active and shrinks to a stub when you're not.
In other words, bees still make random jumps from one flower to another over distances that follow a power law.
My parents married in a ceremony full of polyester, with purple flower-print bridesmaid's dresses.
With the cake goes a wire tree to fit the center of the ring, this to be flower-trimmed.
Not already dead butterflies but live ones, plucked from flower petals by her own hands.
He bends over the cheese, half closing his eyes, as if he were sniffing a flower.
It can flower in the mind even as it withers at your feet.
Colors in the flower shop of the future may have little to do with nature.
The flies, duped by the orchid's false spots, pick up pollen and spread it to another flower.
The project has already been an outstanding success, with hundreds of bumblebees buzzing from flower to flower.
Down on the forest floor, the lilies were scrawny and barren, but this one had grown to full size and flower.
Carnation, the pink is called, after the flower with no pretensions.
He asked me what my favorite flower was, my favorite fruit, even my favorite cut of steak.
But so much for flower power: a bee pops out of the petals and stings him on the nose.
The wonder in her eyes and voice as she contemplated the flower was positively childlike.
It is the flower of an astoundingly productive and innovative period of scholarship.
But rotation, as it came in full flower under the seeming promise of a quick truce, was a glorified game of musical chairs.
In the picture, the killer is tending to his rose bush, and a flower in the foreground obscures his entire face.
We are trying to get information on what kind of care and tending it needs to flower again.
The flower was barely perceptible amid the tangle of his long and now gray hair.
And after the kids watch the trains for a while you might be able to get them to look at a leaf or a flower.
Gazing downward, he can see a public garden with pine trees, flower bushes and manicured lawns.
They see themselves baking cranberry muffins, tending the flower garden and watching the money roll in from grateful guests.
Most people in my line were going for the eye, the flower bouquet, and the motorcycle.
The sun is high in the sky, a cherry tree is in flower, and the grandfather is out of the poem entirely.
Or perhaps the political genius was merely dormant potential until the ordeal with polio brought it into full flower.
It even fooled itself about enjoying a swift flower-strewn triumph.
These vibrations shake the pollen off the flower's anthers and onto the bee's body.

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