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Philanthropy is flourishing as the number of super-rich people keeps growing.
Into that gap has come a flourishing private education system.
Many of the original trees are still flourishing and giving pleasure to thousands of people.
By that point, life was flourishing and relatively complex.
On previous visits we'd seen signs of flourishing wildlife.
And there's also the flourishing underground of brewers.
Flourishing as a successful contrarian requires both an understanding and, on some level, an embrace of what is being opposed.
In one of them sprouted a flourishing private courier business.
Foreign investment and private companies are flourishing.
The older and less-cheery found canes well suited for angry flourishing.
To his coworkers and hunting buddies, he seemed an amiable guy with a flourishing career.
It's no surprise to hear hip-hop flourishing in cities all over the world.
The short answer is good government and a flourishing economy.
And plastic flocks have been flourishing ever since.
Morality relates to flourishing of conscious creatures.
News photography is flourishing in the digital era, even as skeptics question whether seeing is deceiving.
As everywhere, a flourishing nightlife marked this period of intense emancipation.
She faced a choice: continue with school or concentrate on her flourishing acting career.
But there was no denying that my readiness to drink, and drink a lot, was flourishing in that climate.
Bands and ensembles of all sizes and configurations are also flourishing.
Distinctiveness is a prerequisite both of our survival and our flourishing.
He and his family are flourishing despite the challenges.
Yet luxury e-tailers, which sell designer goods online at discounted prices, are flourishing.
Hybrids are also flourishing in the energy industry.
Plenty of emerging-market companies are flourishing without either reverse innovation or frugal production.
Flourishing nearly everywhere, it represented the first global design fad.
Now access to information is freer, the economy is flourishing and for a lot of intellectuals life is good.
He's even planted a couple near the entrance of his own subdivision, where they seem to be flourishing.
These little knots of extremists are found everywhere, one type flourishing chiefly in one locality and another type in another.
The region has flourishing biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries that are strongly supported by the state government.
Polar bears are flourishing, glaciers are not melting worldwide, sea levels are stable.
Yet petty traders, merchants, commission agents were flourishing.
Nothing he provided them seemed to control the tubercle bacillus flourishing in their bodies.
He left a charter school for a traditional public school, where he is flourishing.
He's flourishing, playing with friends and excelling in school.
Technology is shattering barriers to entry in many industries and entrepreneurship is flourishing.
Yet in the undergrowth, conspiracy theories about the air crash are flourishing amid cries of a cover-up.
The flourishing publishing industry makes no apology for resorting to this kind of cultural nationalism.
Corporate social responsibility is now an industry in its own right, and a flourishing profession as well.
Despite the global economic slowdown, the diamond business is flourishing.
As a result, the economy reflated quickly and became apparently flourishing again.
Creativity can be fueled by a vision of communal flourishing or of individual flourishing at the expense of another.
But after flourishing for a thousand years, it abruptly disappeared.
We believe that our campuses must be vital agents and architects of a flourishing democracy.

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