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Streams allowed certain mountain plants to grow and flourish.
The arts are a latter-day human characteristic, one that requires a certain amount of security and stability to flourish.
They will have proven it possible to flourish through the active repression of free expression.
Mandel seemed to flourish in an atmosphere that permitted a certain kind of abandon but didn't demand much in return.
The only surgeon was one who combined the occasional exercise of that noble art with the daily and habitual flourish of a razor.
But when commerce and manufactures begin to flourish, a great change takes place.
Thus doing, your name shall flourish in the printers' shops.
Birds, however, often flourish in geopolitical conflict zones.
Without being challenged as kids, our immune systems don't flourish.
If neglected, orchid children promptly wither-but if they are nurtured, they not only survive but flourish.
Scientists have discovered that fish here do not flourish in hotter water.
Let the utilities focus on this, and allow rooftop energy systems to flourish and share in the production.
It got rooted back in time when procreation was a necessity to keep your specific group or sect alive and flourish.
She will give her employees the autonomy and freedom they need to flourish.
The idea is to turn a rational, scientific eye toward our behavior in an attempt to learn more about what makes humans flourish.
Martins helps create a nesting habitat that will attract the big bees and allow pollinators and crops to flourish again.
Then, ask them to try to determine what kind of plants or animals might flourish in that environment.
Otherwise, the comprehension instruction will not take hold and flourish.
In fact, food production and plant life will absolutely flourish.
Something that is somewhat novel, but not too out of the ordinary, tends to flourish.
Low levels of gene flow which allow for different variants to flourish.
Instead, there's a literary flourish that could be interpreted as a reference to the sun's disappearance.
It's not talent that's rare, it's environments where talent can flourish.
It makes perfect sense for an eighteenth century thinker to conclude that humanity would flourish under the market.
Happily, many students not only survive but flourish in the teeth of these obstacles.
Now, as the exurbs flourish, the inner ring of older suburbs is suffering.
He held it together rather well and finished with a flourish.
Perhaps it's because flu viruses flourish in cool temperatures and are killed by exposure to sunlight.
In the absence of these virtues, capitalism could not flourish.
But its clan-based villages, lush jungles, and rocky inlets offered ideal shelter for smugglers and secret societies to flourish.
Free market advocates claim that the less a market is regulated, the more it can flourish.
Graft and the loosening of controls allow the entrepreneurial spirit of those with ability to flourish.
The result would be that some horrible dictators would flourish.
We watched our boys and our friends' children flourish in a sunlit world of safe neighborhoods and committed schoolteachers.
There he would flourish mightily and serve the armies that would conquer much of the known world.
With a flourish of the arms and a twist of the head, he changes his garishly painted mask, again and again and again.
He expects an industry making floating wind-turbines to flourish in about five years.
For any other politician of his age, that would be that, a statesman's final flourish.
And nature can flourish in areas that are not wild, such as city roof-gardens.
All this will allow excellence to flourish but choke those in the middle.
By bestowing on them the rights and protections that people enjoy, this legal innovation gave the company the freedom to flourish.
Real businesses, from pharmaceuticals to computing, continue to flourish.
Meanwhile, some campuses that already flourish in the global market want to go further.
But private virtues such as these are as likely to wither as to flourish when public bodies take charge of them.
No wonder so many cities find that in order to flourish they have to reinvent themselves.
Politicians should prize value for money above political correctness or rhetorical flourish.
Call it a sarcastic flourish after a rather cutting opinion.
The exclusivity is limited, so follow-on creators can build from what came before and cultural expression can flourish.
Cloud computing makes it affordable for new ideas to flourish.
It would also allow our businesses to flourish in the long term by opening up domestic spending.
If life has proved one thing over the eons, it's that it can flourish almost anywhere.
Britons were especially keen, and trade between the two countries has continued to flourish.
These plant species flourish initially, but soon decline as the bare ground diminishes from plant occupation.
Many organisms require a specific range of physical and chemical parameters to flourish in a surface water.

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