flotilla in a sentence

Example sentences for flotilla

The first of a flotilla to come, it carried wind-monitoring equipment as well as radar for tracking migratory birds.
Towards the end of the dinner they could not refrain from asking if the torpedo flotilla was to go round with the big ships.
In-line skaters, bicyclists and joggers stream past a flotilla of sailboats tethered in the marina.
The pyramid had been towed no more than a mile upstream when the slow-moving flotilla encountered an unexpectedly strong current.
In the flotilla incident, after two minutes the world was against us.
It is participating in many of the festivities, including a big flotilla last month.
All eyes and a flotilla of spacecraft focus on the celestial celebrity.
Unfortunately, that purpose was achieved with the first flotilla incident.
Many boats sport creative decorations in a flotilla that lasts for hours.
The response team used canoes and kayaks to form a flotilla and gently urge the whales back to open water.
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