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Example sentences for flotation

Machines grind the plastics into flakes and immerse them in a flotation tank to remove contaminants.
We recommend using a personal flotation device while boating.
We backstroke across these ponds, using the dry bags in our backpacks for flotation.
The workers are performing flotation, which isn't as refreshing as it sounds.
These would later be replaced by a permanent flotation system.
Its flotation was entirely dependent on whether the bilge pump could keep up with the leakage.
If you are not comfortable swimming in open water, get a flotation belt to help while you snorkel.
Fishing permits, a boat and personal flotation devices are included in the rental price.
The only difference is you have to get your flotation devices somewhere else and then walk or drive to the river itself.
Though you need to know how to swim to snorkel, you can rent a flotation vest for safety.
Wear a personal flotation device and plenty of sun protection when taking your trip.
The pool has a diving board and swim toys, and flotation devices are allowed at the discretion of pool staff.
There's a small beach resort there that rents snorkel equipment and flotation devices, with a cafe and snack shop.
The rafts hold up to six adults and come with paddles and flotation devices.
Snorkeling trips include a professional guide, all equipment, vests and flotation devices.
Others may not be able to count on reaching enough investors to make an auction flotation a success.
Despite the troubles in credit markets its shares are still worth five times their value on flotation.
On flotation, the venture-capital subsidiary cashes in its equity and the stockbroker trousers the underwriting fee.
Its actual staff and private investors stand to make a small fortune from the flotation.
There are four basic things you should keep in mind about your personal flotation devices.
Tails from the jig are sent to a flotation circuit, which produces a concentrate and tailings.
They are divided into flotation techniques and sedimentation techniques.
Flotation cells-Flotation cells vary in type, size, and capacity by manufacturer.
Each life jacket should be checked periodically to be sure that it can still provide adequate flotation for the wearer.
The potash was recovered from the brine by solar evaporation to crystals and flotation.
Flotation or lateral displacement of the pipe shall be prevented from occurring during concrete placement.
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