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Example sentences for florid

He was tall and trim and impeccably dressed, his suits well-pressed and invariably accented with suspenders and florid bow ties.
Using today's contemporary speech pattern with the formal, florid dialogue sounds ludicrous.
All of these had a florid grandeur which could hold the attention of a hall of people with persuasive eloquence.
In one of the images of them in bed she is not dressed, and he's wearing some of that ridiculous, overly florid royal wear.
Despite their hilariously florid rapping, his folks are also incredibly cagey: they never give the entire game away.

Famous quotes containing the word florid

Of the several villains in the book, Kazbich and his florid speech (as rendered by Maksim Maksimich) are an... more
All the distinguished writers of that period [the Renaissance] possess a greater vigor and naturalness than the more mod... more
All men are really most attracted by the beauty of plain speech, and they even write in a florid style in i... more
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