floorboard in a sentence

Example sentences for floorboard

He switched the heater vents to the floorboard to thaw his feet, then watched the large people come and go at the burger place.
It's mounted under the floorboard and runs the length of the floor pan.
The officers also found a razor blade on the rear driver's side floorboard which tested positive for cocaine.
The padded floorboard forms a carrying case for the playpen.
Visible steering wheel, floorboard, tire or gearshift locks.
Officers stopped the car, and found a fully loaded handgun in a diaper bag on the floorboard of the back seat.
The pistol used in the robbery was also recovered from the floorboard of the vehicle.
Do not re-enter your vehicle during fueling since sliding across the seat and floorboard can generate static electricity.
People continue to leave laptops and purses on the seat or floorboard where anyone looking in the window can see them.
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