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When heavy rains cause flooding, swamps and other wetlands absorb excess water, moderating the effects of flooding.
The spill way is designed to suck in the excess water in the lake and spit it out at another location in the event of flooding.
Of all the new whole-grain products flooding the market these days, one of our favorites is pasta.
The window was open, and the moon was flooding the cliffs and sea with a great tide of yellow light.
The faint light of a fine summer morning was flooding the skies, and the sparrows had begun to chatter.
As if the world economy isn't in shambles as it is currently, flooding the market with diamonds can't help matters too much.
Students hedge against the plummeting admissions rates by flooding the system with even more applications.
University officials said flooding could persist for several weeks.
Tropical storms are a primary cause of flooding worldwide.
The levees that protect the city from river flooding are actually a culprit in wetland loss.
When there is an overabundance of water, on the other hand, a dam can help prevent downstream flooding.
The article spotlights several areas weak spots in the levee system, where future flooding could take place.
When this happens, there can be far-reaching consequences, including droughts in some places and flooding in others.
The pause in the valley's flooding arose from the discovery of the two villas.
Another type is coastal flooding caused by high winds and tides or by seismic sea waves called tsunami.
The flooding is getting worse as water slowly seeps into the city from the lake.
Wetlands help protect coastal areas from storm surges and flooding brought by tropical storms and hurricanes.
We face recurring episodes of torrential rain, flooding and cyclones,because of our position on the globe.
Forest will also increase rainfall, increase fertility and control flooding.
The powerful storm is unleashing damaging winds, blizzard conditions, huge waves and coastal flooding.
Experts agree that all it takes is the the right earthquake or waterfall to happen to the dry land to cause flooding.
One item not mentioned is periodic catastrophic flooding.
It got worse as people expecting an ambulance and not getting one began to call back, flooding the already-overwhelmed service.
Its waterlogged nature draws a steady stream of visitors, but also makes it vulnerable to costly flooding.
It wrecked houses not only by flooding them but also by starting a fire.
Conventional wisdom says that forests prevent flooding by acting as giant sponges.
Months of torrential rain have caused flooding and landslides all over the country.
The oil has been flooding out for more than seven weeks now.
Insurance companies have long offered cover against flooding, hurricanes and other catastrophes.
Back home the flooding has led to loud calls to cancel his unseemly jet-setting.
On the way the heroine suddenly looks up and sees water flooding towards her.
The money flooding into the economy will create some green jobs.
Up to now, poor management did not matter too much, because revenues were flooding in and everyone was making a lot of money.
The upstream dams should be built in a way that protects downstream flooding patterns and fisheries.
Thanks in part to rock-bottom interest rates in the rich world, foreign capital is flooding back into emerging economies.
On an extremely cold day, one of them burst, flooding his apartment and the elegant lobby below.
The unknown infectious agent was causing people to die with hemorrhages flooding from the natural orifices of the body.
It was also good politics, since much of that money will be flooding into the economy during the key second and third quarters.
Advocates drowning cooking smells for flooding kitchen with scent of new-mown hay or balsam, or incense.
Hanson was a rabble-rouser, flooding art space with virtual odors of real-world realities.
The resulting fire caused the building's sprinkler system to kick in, flooding the book-return room and soaking books.
It stood poised for an endless moment, one landing light flooding a house into which an instant later it crashed.
What wasn't clear to me at the time was how this would affect flooding.
History has shown a disquieting correlation between such astronomical conditions and coastal flooding.
With the power off, pumps that keep subways from flooding would be stilled.
Besides, all the known hantaviruses caused bleeding in the kidneys, not flooding of the lungs.
Both sets of fibres triggered an immune response, with white blood cells flooding to the places where they settled.
They are simply there and the matter flooding into them simply happens.
Since it's the desert, flooding is only a concern once every few hundred years.
Where water is used to control fly ash, flooding and leaching can cause long term serious environmental damage.
It all comes flooding back, the hours it would take to coax him out of one of his sulks.
Flooding the country with guns could set off an unpredictable and dangerous chain of events.
Soon emails were flooding in responding to other emails.
With laid-off bankers flooding the job market, you would think that salaries in finance at long last would come down.
Power outages, winds, and flooding can knock out cell towers.
There are plenty of places across the country that weren't directly affected by the flooding, tornadoes, and snow.
Pre-harvest flooding elevates the light, air-filled berries a bit above the vines, easy pickings for the harvester machines.
Several years ago, a hurricane struck the area, devastating cacao forests with wind and flooding.
Also, heavy rains the past two summers caused serious flooding downtown, which created mold problems in some of the buildings.
There is little risk of inflation, or flooding the system with money.
Flooding can have a devastating effect on your life and property.
The tropical storm unleashes record rainfall, triggering landslides and flooding.
And some hydrologists say that by trapping silt the dam could actually make downstream riverbanks more vulnerable to flooding.

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