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Then he spread crumbs from a doughnut to gather a flock of pigeons.
The flock changed direction only when the initiator turned toward the flock.
Once everyone is in the new pasture, the sheep all flock together.
It's one of the wonders of the natural world-to see a flock of starlings pulse, wheel, and ripple as one across an evening sky.
There is a large flock gathered for the sunset and all is peaceful, the day dwindling into night.
But so far none of the other chickens have pecked her, and she's happier being with the flock.
How a flock of reclusive seabirds became pioneers of pervasive computing.
But recently a flock of knowledge-intensive industries has settled there, bringing renewed prosperity in its wake.
Conduct surveillance on a town invaded by a huge flock of crows.
Stylish teenagers flock to the gleaming mega-mall, watched by shirtless beggars crouched in gutters.
As detailed recently, a new flock of lawsuits claims excessive use of cell phone headsets can damage hearing.
Curious visitors have already begun to flock to the area, eager to check out the affected area and see the ash for themselves.
Males are solitary in the spring breeding season, but in winter, rheas are social and flock together.
If you have a working prototype then show it and the investors will flock to you.
Locals flock here for the margaritas and stay for the enchiladas and endless baskets of chips.
From inside the library, you can see why historians, scholars and travelers would flock here.
If they could only get visas, which are rarely granted, tourists would flock to its beaches and nearby game parks.
He copped a few himself and was soon frolicking with his flock.
How our minds emerge from our flock of neurons remains deeply mysterious.
Locals flock here because the restaurant's smallest steak weighs in at a pound.
Hence the flock evolves to please its global audience.
During the buy-out boom, general partners could levy high fees and investors would still flock to them.
As they stand huddled in a flock in what appears to be a grazing stupor, sheep may in fact be visualizing favorite flock mates.
It is flock mates of these same animals that are now causing alarm.
The game's objective is to set up missile turrets and laser cannons to defend your flock of sheep from aliens and giant insects.
As birds of a feather, they definitely flock together.
Immediately they toddled up to the coop and clutched the chicken wire, straining to see the flock inside.
Those costs could theoretically be offset if patients flock to robot-controlled heart surgery and other procedures.
Tourists flock there-as would house-buyers, if they could.
But keep writing and thinking this well and this clearly, and careful readers will continue to flock to your blog.
Little wonder if voters flock to parties that seem to offer a more robust bulwark against painful change.
The company now owns the flock and is monitoring their health.
Not as many as flock to a nearby gambling resort, but every visitor helps.
Tourists also flock to the area, some coming back year after year because they find the experience so compelling.
The brains of of a bird take on importance not as an independent intelligence, but really in their connection with the flock.
Even in politics, voters seem to flock to people who consciously project a veneer of authenticity through practical skills.
The first is the squawk and flapping of an immense flock of birds.
You're in a flock of birds and one bird suddenly takes off.
Soon interferometers will help astronomers figure out why stars tend to flock together and how they behave as they age.
The scientists then introduced a flock of these foxy fellows to a normal fruit fly population.
Monarchs obviously also use chemical defenses, but they don't eat extra milkweed when a flock of birds shows up.
Yet, for some reason, people don't flock to hire busted drug dealers.
It took a moment to right itself, banked to the left, and then burst upward to join the rest of the flock.
Macaws vocalize to communicate within the flock, mark territory, and identify one another.
At your best when people who admire you flock to your side, you stick by your friends.
Locals flock to its arched stone corridors for traditional remedies.
There he laid aside his wings, and kept only his wand, with which he presented himself as a shepherd driving his flock.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to tag more than a few individuals in a herd, flock or swarm.
Tourists flock to the town due to its proximity to local ski resorts.
Known for its fine food, wine and spectacular cities, millions of visitors flock to the region each year.
Their churches have more pew than flock, and unless they change, they have more history than future.
When three ice pop makers are named top entrepreneurs, business students flock.
People flock to the cities for the advantages there offered, and find disadvantages.
Strangers flock to the hotels, where the lobbies have fans and high ceilings.
Now, people flock to the market from all over the region.
On a nearby tree a flock of cedar waxwings pecked at the shiny crab apples.
They ran toward us in a flock, waving plastic bottles to be filled.
They want automatons to obey their bosses, not priests capable of leading or inspiring a diverse, modern flock.
The teacher's words didn't go over well with the flock.
When they got to the lobby, they found a flock of fellow fatalities, but they were all brusquely turned away.
They flock around him, requesting autographs and photo ops, which he grants with considerable grace.
There she dressed as a shepherdess and tended a flock of sheep.

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