floatation in a sentence

Example sentences for floatation

Its actual staff and private investors stand to make a small fortune from the floatation.
The board needs to be thicker in order to provide more floatation and easier paddle.
We leave that on the bottom, and then it pops to the surface with its own floatation.
The plastic floatation devices are replicas of sea ice.
Laws in whitewater areas require personal floatation devices.
Rubber and plastic rafts, inner tubes, and other boats require personal floatation devices.
With a leash, the user will not become separated from the floatation device.
Use a personal floatation device when working near floodwater.
It should fit snugly and have back and shoulder protection as well as floatation to help you swim safely in white water.
And if possible, throw a life preserver or floatation device.
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