float switch in a sentence

Example sentences for float switch

When the cattle drink from the trough, a float switch activates the pump.
In the case of the typical residential septic pump installation the controller would be the float switch in the pump tank.
Dry-well sump shall include space for external float switch.
To avoid these oil spills, raise the float switch a couple of inches.
The system will need to be equipped with the appropriate conduit and conductors for the installation of a float switch.
Only the low voltage conduit with float switch conductors shall be terminated in the intrinsically safe compartment.
Inspect bilge pump and float switch to make sure they're working properly.
If you have an alarm, check to make sure it is working by lifting the float switch and sounding the alarm.
Float switch temporarily positioned in plastic bucket.
Additional materials may include plastic pipe, wiring, a float switch and protective fencing.
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