float valve in a sentence

Example sentences for float valve

Evaporator compartment is equipped with evaporator, water pump, float valve and water level sensor probe.
Ball-float valve with the ball at the bottom of the cage and the vent line open.
Evaporator compartment is equipped with evaporator, water pump float valve and sensor probe.
Recirculation of the effluent can also be achieved using a ball float valve that is installed in the recirculation tank.
Float valve stands shall be large enough to provide accessibility for maintenance and to dampen surge.
Under pressure is complied with if one float valve is used or if pressure is held otherwise.
Controllers may be as simple as a float valve, which reduces the flow of liquid to a tank as it approaches the desired level.
As the farmer's demand increases, the float valve is activated to increase the flow to the farmer.
The ball float valve is used where the recirculation tank is designed to remain full.
For bighorn sheep, piping extends from the storage tank to a drinking trough, which has a float valve to regulate the flow.
The system eliminates the need for a float valve system.
The size of float valve stands shall be adequate to provide accessibility for maintenance.
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