flitted in a sentence

Example sentences for flitted

It was early evening, and bats flitted through floodlights that illuminated a tennis court.
Sparrows flitted in the grain bins, and from the darkened stalls came the occasional snort or hoof-stomp on dungy hay.
Colorful spheres and circles flitted before my eyes.
To elude detection, shadowy figures flitted from one car to another, then sped away.
Dark shapes flitted among them, shadows that lacked substance yet had eyes of fire.
He flitted around the branches of a small tree, seeming to shelter himself from the rain beneath the leaves as he sang.
Hundreds of monarch butterflies flitted in the sunshine from mud puddle to wildflower.
As dragonflies flitted over the water, bees were busy with the hibiscus blossoms that grow near the wall of the pond.
The numerous catbirds seemed especially melodious as they flitted around the shrubbery.

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