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More elusive forms, dubbed sprites and blue jets, flit above the clouds.
So there is no need for them to flit about in flying saucers.
Around you spreads rain forest, where toucans and iridescent butterflies flit from tree to tree.
At night bats flit through the gaps at the top of the wall, do hairpin turns in the air, and exit again without slowing.
Footmen in grey waistcoats and dark jackets flit through the tall, wood-paneled corridors.
They flit away and reproduce themselves, evolve and are translated into foreign languages.
Usually, a driver's eyes flit about, wandering from road to mirror to traffic and back.
Sparrows are cheeping all around as they flit among the red and gold leaves of trees in full autumn display.
Every day, birds flit through our world but only occasionally do they make themselves known to us in intimate ways.
Space-time is the stage upon which the actors, particles such as photons and gravitons, flit to and fro.
They flit in the rafters of the presidential campaign, making mischief, undead.
It's not found in the narcissism of celebrities who flit from romance to romance.
Bloggers and aviation experts flit from theory to theory.
Enter motorbike medics, who flit between slow-moving cars and speed around stopped traffic.
It can flit from lavish bash to lavish bash in the wink of a mascaraed eye.
But his own albums are reliably excellent, even as they flit around from country-folk to more experimental textures.
They wear perfume, dress to the nines and flit between stores.
It is people who buy, sell and make the goods and services that flit across the world's borders.
People flit constantly between technologies, yet never devote their undivided attention to any of them, she observes.
But politicians who flit between parties scarcely offer a basis on which to run a stable government.
By mid-week, a vast informal network allowed people to flit from event to event.
Increasingly, the large funds that have succeeded flit from one area to another.
Placemen in, and patriots out of, office flit across the scene.
Beautiful red cardinal birds and tanagers flit about in the woods, and the flowers are lovely.
Yes, plenty of human characters flit around in gliders, automatic weapons in hand.
Plying the river are mammoth freighters with the tugboats that flit about them.
You're a photographer, not a bee, so there's no need to flit quickly from flower to flower.
Fish glide through cold mountain streams and butterflies flit through flower filled meadows.
Colorful butterflies flit from wildflower to wildflower and bees sip at their nectar.
On a spring day, you'll delight in watching butterflies flit about from wildflower to wildflower.
As evening falls, watch bats flit and swoop above the yard as they feast on insects buzzing around.
Each evening campers gather around the bat houses to watch the bats flit about the sky on their hunting expeditions.
Their bright cobalt feathers delight riders as they flit around the sunny meadow.
When feeding, chickadees flit from tree to tree in a slow, bobbing flight and hop from branch to branch.
They'll fly in and flit overhead flying back and forth, and talking to me and to each other.
Some feed in the tops of the taller trees, where they flit about incessantly.

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