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Example sentences for fling

From the rocky cliffs above the ocean, free divers fling themselves with abandon into the rugged surf.
Windows fling open as the city breaks winter's half-year clamp.
He wanted to run around and grab every card and fling them into the fire.
Apes can climb trees, eat bananas, and fling dung at one another.
By holding your left hand up, you can pick up droids or other enemies and fling them around the screen.
Rotation reduces felt gravity slightly so it's actually trying to fling air into space.
Fling the birds at the pigs' structures to knock them down.
But his job is more important to him than the possibility of a fling with a former student.
On a personal note, this was basically my last hip-hop fling.
The biggest moment is a particularly intense jacket fling.
One then posits the finer the hairs the harder to fling drier.
My overuse of apologies once caused my roommate to unintentionally fling me on the floor of a restaurant.
Unwanted baggage in a patriarchal society, widows were once encouraged to fling themselves onto their husband's funeral pyres.
The second compensation for the separation was a wild, wonderful, extravagant fling with all her favorite desserts and bakeries.
Shall on this land fling forth the drops that blast and burn.
Many persons take advice as they do physic, to fling aside the moment the doctor's back is turned.
The chief, with a magnificent fling of the end of his cloak across his left shoulder, rises to address them.
Watch as this group of people fling themselves across hundreds of feet of open space.
But the two don't truly seem made for each other despite all the story's efforts to fling them together.
Now, it's possible to fling material out into that region, but it has to form in our part of the solar system.
If you're going to fling that charge, have the facts to back them up.
Don would offer a cold glance to his fling of the week and then drink four gin and tonics.
The next thing he does is fling it with effortful nonchalance into the luggage rack.
They fling up their arms, and thrust out their legs.
Especially in this autumn of austerity, it's great to watch swashbuckling rebels fling gold into the air.

Famous quotes containing the word fling

In dinner talk it is perhaps allowable to fling any faggot rather than let the fire go out.... more
It will be difficult for me not to make sport for the Philistines by pulling down a house or two, since when I once take... more
Men's thoughts fling living wires overhead, the swallow wings there dead.... more
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