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Included carrying case is basically a thin, flimsy sheath not suitable for transporting anything of value.
Light-weight but fabric is more substantial than many other travel pants that feel too flimsy.
The removable plastic backing that protects the phone's innards is thin and flimsy.
The thin membrane beneath the keys is flimsy and deforms as you type.
My only major complaint was that the remote was thin and felt flimsy.
Strong words for someone whose flimsy camp was in easy range of naval guns.
Thin, flimsy pieces tend to get caught in mail processing equipment.
Training shoes with heavy, cushioned soles and arch supports are preferable to flimsy sneakers and light racing flats.
Her flimsy means and dour thoughts create a mood both bleak and humorous.
The scientists say that's a big exaggeration resting on flimsy definitions.
Some flimsy huts vanished, leaving behind only water-swollen children's books and broken plates.
Paper airplane contest awards the flimsy fliers that are a cut above the rest.
They live in improvised tents, sleeping beneath flimsy sheets of plastic that magnify the heat and welcome the rain.
Instead of hanging or sitting in clean, well-lit spaces, it hangs on flimsy walls or is plopped on cheap carpet.
Yet they are forever being postponed, sometimes on flimsy excuses.
Chop down on woody saplings, and use an upward flick at the flimsy herbaceous stuff.
Critics, however, have charged that fossil support for the theory is flimsy.
Flimsy packaging or misspelled words offer more signals.
But the final product of the book was pretty flimsy.
Due to their flimsy construction, mobile homes are particularly vulnerable to tornadoes.
You'd have been laughed out of my office and given a warning about such flimsy articles.
The rolling trays are kind of flimsy plastic-hollow underneath, so they look nicer than they feel.
Foam is a pretty flimsy building material, yet frog nests are not slapdash affairs.
Margery wore a flimsy nightgown with nothing underneath, scandalous enough for those times.
In my opinion, psychology is more often than not rather flimsy science, anyway.
Second, the vehicle is too flimsy to handle homemade bombs.
The foundations for the optimism she herself professes seem flimsy.
But would not pay regular price for the bag because it is somewhat flimsy and tilts over if you put too much stuff in it.
Because the arguments used to justify this outrage are so flimsy that they cannot stand the test of time.
Only a few wore flimsy cloth or paper masks, largely ineffective against the poisonous air.
These flimsy yet effective guides urge the brumbies into the yard, where the hands eventually scare them into the steel pens.
They are, in fact, little more than swatches of colorful yet flimsy nylon blend.
The fancy-looking apartment buildings are actually flimsy movie-set facades with painted-on windows.
But sooner or later they mask their addiction with increasingly flimsy rationalizations.
It's a flimsy ribbon of corrugated aluminum, no more than a few microns thick suspended between two magnets.
But with such flimsy construction, these half-baked gloves are one kitchen gadget best avoided.
The entire works is encased in a stylish but noticeably flimsy shiny, plastic package.
The plot to this flimsy romantic comedy somehow managed to fill out five reels.
Some are much too much, but some are much too flimsy.
Our tethers to the infinite have become flimsy webs indeed.
The burial chambers were simple, and their flimsy ceilings soon collapsed.
Virtually any government agency at any level can initiate surveillance on flimsy grounds.
Staring at the monk's shaved head and flimsy saffron robe, the officer advised him to put on a hat and gloves.
He would later describe it as flimsy and fantastical and call the first production a ghastly failure.
There are several plastic parts that seem on the flimsy side mind you.
And they were poorly printed on cheap, yellowing paper with flimsy bindings.
The kind of courage displayed during the siege of that bastion is merely dulled by such flimsy supports.
So speculation and overspeculation on the basis of flimsy information should please be avoided.
Those who feel safer with the flimsy sieve of an excuse of security theatre are fools.
The detonated grenades set off dozens of fires: the flimsy shelters veterans had erected near the armory went up in flames.
There are many gaps and flimsy theories in evolution.
But all wars are horrible, and flimsy, superficial war talk is always extremely dangerous.
But the sartorial fa├žade of sophistication was a flimsy one.
If any coworkers showed up late today with bags under the eyes, don't buy their flimsy excuses.
The framing is flimsy, and rattles from mortar rounds even a half mile away.
Their new buildings were cheap and flimsy, but they were adventurous and exciting.
And, in the case of public-sector intervention during financial crises, evidence for its dangers is surprisingly flimsy.
But the pretense is flimsy: this is a fancy food court, and it fulfills its function with gusto.
For advertisers, though, flimsy data beats no data at all.
The scientists are creating the authoritative but flimsy excuses to hide these structures as anything but impact structures.
There's little to no hydrostatic pressure, so the enclosure material can be pretty flimsy.
Arrest warrants look pretty flimsy when set against ruthless cynicism of this depth and intensity.
Their boat was flimsy, and they forgot to bring their life jackets.
With its threadbare carpet and flimsy hotel-style furniture, there wasn't a trace of a personal touch in it.
All cosmologists are brave people, making scenarios from flimsy facts.
These same adaptations, however, made them too flimsy to survive at higher temperatures.
Call it flimsy if you will, flimsy evidence is evidence as well.
We know what's wrong, he said, waving a flimsy lab slip.
And even the evidence in favor surgery for disc herniation is rather flimsy.
But, to be frank, the cover story was so flimsy that everyone should have seen through it from day one.
Instead, you have a flimsy set of anecdotal evidence and questionable research.
On other issues too, the charge of betrayal looks flimsy.
Western diplomats agree that some of the evidence against them looks flimsy, and in some instances may even have been fabricated.
In a country where billions of dollars are siphoned off in shady gas deals, these charges seem not only political but flimsy.
The safety-net beneath the euro zone's third- and fourth-biggest economies is flimsy, and investors know it.
But if governments have so much leeway, they could get away with any import ban, however flimsy its scientific foundations.
These arguments are as repellent as they are flimsy.
If you worked with typewriters, you're familiar with the flimsy, filthy filament.
There are weeks when the show announcements are about as flimsy as a wet persimmon.
The brittle plastic feels dependable only if you're comparing it with the flimsy hinges.
The hinges are metal, but they are rather flimsy and do not inspire confidence.
After only a few minutes of paddling, the seat ripped away from its tie-downs on the flimsy fabric walls.
Qualified candidates were booted out of the program, for flimsy reasons of security.
The earlier versions of the card were of flimsy plastic paper.
They've been known to carry flimsy plastic toys with dangerous sharp edges or small parts that can break off easily.
Each room is separated into four cubicles by flimsy curtains that provide only visual privacy.
The flimsy little white boxes are unpleasant to live in and tainted with dangerous formaldehyde fumes.
Its nest is a flimsy platform of twigs, lined with a few rootlets, in a bush or small tree.
The early laid eggs may fall through the flimsy prepared floor into the water before the nest construction is completed.
Nests are flimsy structures, usually built low in trees or shrubs and sometimes on the ground.
The flimsy fire escape gave way, sending the workers hurtling to the ground from six stories up.
Those that did had flimsy, water-logged stems and died shortly thereafter.
For example, a flimsy, unanchored mobile home may be obliterated while all surrounding objects suffer little or no damage.
Describes in harrowing detail the fate of those left on a flimsy raft without provisions.
Nests are flimsy platforms made from twigs and located in trees or tall shrubs.
The airplanes of the day resembled sailboats, for they were small and flimsy.

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