flight deck in a sentence

Example sentences for flight deck

What counts is keeping bad guys off the plane, and if they do make it onto the plane, keeping them off the flight deck.
Note that not one word was heard from the flight deck.
She is a pilot who does not believe in making announcements from the flight deck.
Absolutely, the flight deck should focus on flying the plane, no doubt.
The flight deck bulkhead should probably also be reinforced.
At times waves came over the flight deck, and crews clung desperately to their planes to keep them from going into the sea.
Visitors will also have a chance to witness the flight control center on the bridge above the flight deck.
The flight deck of a full flight simulator is nearly identical to the airplane.
The game will be played on the flight deck of the carrier, which is surrounded by military bases.
He said that he recalled one striking an aircraft carrier and actually bending a corner of the flight deck.
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