flight attendant in a sentence

Example sentences for flight attendant

In the back of the airplane another flight attendant was on the phone.
Surely the flight attendants, because a ripped flight attendant presumably has enough access to the pilots to take down a plane.
He stood up to the hijackers and was stabbed, as was reported by the flight attendant during her call.
Tucker also doubts today's flight attendant will be serving tomorrow's meals.
There will be a part of me that will always miss being a flight attendant.
Another reported finding the body of a flight attendant, her hands bound.
On my last flight, someone asked the flight attendant whether the flight was full.
You're still fuming at the flight attendant who abruptly turned on the cabin lights, awaking you from a moment's sleep.
One flight attendant was in the forward galley and the other two flight attendants were in the aft galley.

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