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Once investors realised that this was unsustainable, capital took flight and the country's foreign reserves dwindled.
Now you can have it without having to catch a flight.
Time spent in an airplane on a commercial flight is not equal.
Flight attendants told her that the flight was fully booked, so she was stuck in more ways than one.
Some people have seen them jetting water while in flight.
Choose any tasting flight and receive the second choice complimentary.
From wings to low-density bones to echolocation, the evolution of flight in bats required many radical changes.
Some snakes don't need to be on a plane to take flight.
Those postal covers were sold a couple of months after the flight and quickly became public knowledge.
Since the dawn of time, mankind has dreamed of achieving flight.
It remains to be seen how weather conditions affect the air flows that make formation flight more efficient.
The spin creates a gyroscopic effect, stabilizing the flight of the ball through the air.
Talk about how much you looking forward to working on your current manuscript before your flight home.
Their mechanics of flight seem to defy the laws of physics.
It's easy to blame the tube for fostering a flight from serious issues into glitter, froth, and measuring tape.
And the insects he collects may hold the key to winged flight.
It's not the time to take flight with generalizations and hypotheticals.
Every box is one more that you'll have to carry up the next flight of steps to your new apartment.
Naturalists, economists, and another beautiful creature in flight.
In the back of the airplane another flight attendant was on the phone.
Flight attendants and engineers differ about in-flight risk.
We are recruiting and hiring top-flight faculty in a variety of disciplines.
Some of this change reflects growing diversity in the population as a whole, but some of it reflects white flight.
Emerald and cochineal the flight of days, their cardamom-infused evanescence.
Other dinosaur specialists have previously hypothesized that flight evolved in dinosaurs that ran and jumped off the ground.
Instead the dinosaur forelimb, already feather-clad, was modified for flight.
Volunteers and magazine staffers bring around the wines- six bottles to a flight-and the tasters go to work.
Animals that hunt birds in trees or in flight are strong fliers with strong talons.
Search for flights by flight number, route, and airport.
When a flight delay interrupts your travel plans, it's normal to be disappointed.
Waiting for a flight to arrive can be nerve-wracking.
If you have an upcoming flight, it's a good idea to monitor its status.
Not too long ago, the only information you needed for a successful airline flight was the airline's takeoff and landing times.
How early you should book a flight depends on what you're aiming for.
It is always more pleasant to fly on an uncrowded flight than on a crowded one.
Missing your flight because you arrived to the airport too late is certainly not the ideal way to start any trip.
At industry gatherings, he became known for having committed the world's flight schedules to memory.
It is equally conceivable that human space flight, long the stuff of science fiction, will return to fantasy.
Space-flight is the only big technology that was anticipated in detail by fiction.
It was, however, still so hot from its flight through the air as to forbid his near approach.
His muse took a lofty flight on this occasion, seeking renown in romantic drama.
She beheld distinctly a winged horse, mounted with a cavalier in rich armor, cleaving the air with rapid flight.
Flight attendants are there, first and foremost, for your safety and comfort.
No refund or compensation will be made in the event of the cancellation or delay of any flight.
With a delayed flight, he had plenty of time to do a little last minute re-reading before the conference.
Although he flapped his dazzling wings and fluffed his white cap of feathers, he didn't take flight.
The possibilities and promise of the nascent science and art of flight seized the imaginations of inventors and public.
These compounds help prepare the body for action, whether fight or flight.
There are actually three flight computers onboard that constantly check each other.
In flight, they tend to turn toward vertical landmarks such as fixed posts.
Box cutters, some flight training and a lot of determination.
In sociology, panic is defined as the collective flight from a real or imagined threat.
However, the maritime network shows some surprising differences from the network that flight paths make between airports.
The system is meant to allow the crew to escape should a catastrophe occur during the first few seconds of flight.
Preparation for flight consists of donning a flight suit and watching a training video.
It's barely two hours into your cross-country flight, though you'd swear it's been longer.
Five hundred years ago he studied and dissected birds, trying to find the secret of flight.
It has toothed jaws and three clawed fingers on each hand, but it also had broad wings with well-developed flight feathers.
Some days after lunch he shuttled from flight lab to lavatory nearly every hour.
One of the favorite anecdotes for the don't-know-everything crowd involves the flight of the honeybee.
The ultimate goal is to get the bird into orbit, but they have a number of flight milestones to achieve.
Malaise traps are tentlike mesh devices set up along natural flight paths.
Backed by this well-earned credibility, his audacious ideas are sparking fascination and taking flight.
Dialogue provides an alternative to fight or flight.
They were tried in a courtroom separated from the prison by a short corridor and up a short flight of stairs.
There was shooting up each flight of stairs as they charged.
His pilot and the co-pilot had taken their hands off the flight controls.
The whole reason nations get into human space flight is for national prestige.
For a stealth fighter, it was a remarkably obvious flight, but perhaps that was the point.

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