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The flies arrived last week, being nearly six weeks behind their usual time.
It is a juicy topic, one that in so many ways flies in the face of academic tradition.
The airline has a premium reputation among business customers, and flies some extremely long intercontinental routes.
Flies that inject eggs into fire ants are being used to fight the invasive ants.
Flies sleep, despite what that buzzing in your ear might tell you.
He doesn't see the flier sitting on the fence, its feathers all puffed out against the cold, until it flies.
As the days get colder, flies seek the warmth of your home.
Wheels of cheese soften pungently in the sun, and flies cluster.
Neither flag now flies on the tower, which has also lost its clock face, destroyed in the protests.
Flies can spot movement in shadows and see moving objects against interference-filled backgrounds.
Density populated chicken houses filled with flies and bacteria may enable diseases to fly the coop.
Bloodstains on the flies buzzing around the severed heads in the painting noted above are an example.
Scientists found that fruit flies possess a protein that mirrors the effect of cocaine in human beings.
The pesticide is being sprayed at night in a mixture with droplets of a sweet bait that the fruit flies will eat.
My thesis is not new, but it seems especially urgent right now, because it flies in the face of two powerful prevailing winds.
German scientists have built a flight simulator for flies to better understand how the insects see and coordinate their movements.
Slow-motion video shows that fruit flies plan their escape well before you begin your attempt to swat them.
Water from buckets, pistols, hoses and elephant trunks flies through the air during the hottest time of year.
It sure does show how time flies with those before and after photos.
Flies are a long, long way from people, but that the protein worked at all is impressive.
The goal was to learn how learning works, from flies to people.
UK researchers have developed a series of robots that power up by digesting sugar, rotten apples, and dead flies.
But this trait isn't the only reason scientists look to fruit flies for clues about how memories form in humans.
His team has created thousands of transgenic flies that allow them to test the individual circuits.
Dressing flies was a jealously guarded secret during that era.
It flies only over water and only two metres above that water.
At supersonic speed, shock waves form on the aircraft as it flies through the air.
The flies didn't die, but they no longer had the strength to reproduce.
The flies had not erased their first memory, and had made a second memory.
Not wanting to give its meal a chance to escape, a dragonfly can eat while it flies.
Filopodia have also been observed during wing formation in fruit flies.
The maggots hatch, enjoy several meals at the nearest dead-animal buffet, develop cocoons known as pupae and turn into flies.
Nothing happened as the flies buzzed happily around the fruit.
Rose made scientific history with experiments manipulating the life spans of fruit flies.
He dropped flies on their leaves and watched them slowly fold their sticky tentacles over their prey.
For he was begging the flies for a sign: some tiny, covert, telltale indication.
To forage, it flies off of a perch and grabs insects off of the ground, then flies back to its perch again.
With them have come nearly as many small green flies, which feed with the genuine house flies.
So it seems that the feet of flies do not have the same sticky mechanism as the gecko does.
Once it has lured the predator far enough away, it flies off.
Engineers often load a structure with weight until it collapses or shake it until it flies apart.
Robot flies may be tomorrow's astronauts if researchers can only make the darn things work.
He shagged flies-fruit flies that is-in the off-seasons and eventually got a doctorate.
Many sold new today, the head flies off which is a lot more dangerous.
All of this flies in the face of nature and could only be emplaced by fiat.
Brine shrimp and brine flies are the daily special, and large flocks swoop in to refuel.
Until now, the wing colors of many flies and wasps were dismissed as random iridescence.
The bird rears back, flaps its wings, and flies off.
The cape's rocky beaches collect ships the way a spider's web traps flies.
Reducing air resistance is one key in determining who flies farthest.
Plants pollinated by fast-moving bees or flies may have spiny pollen that lodges easily between the insects' hairs.
If you don't notice the flies, look for tiny holes over sunken areas in the fruit.
Some animals coordinate their look with the seasons, shedding dark fur or molting dark feathers once the snow flies.
The team's latest work draws not on human subjects, but on fruit flies.
Sporadic gunfire from insurgents down the main road flies harmlessly overhead.
Their region lies neatly across the direct route, as the eagle flies, between the two countries.
Minn family battered as deer flies in and out of car.
Fruit flies will purposely ingest alcohol to ward off parasitic wasps.
Scientists pinpoint a key to sleepiness in fruit flies.
Somehow there must be a solution to elimination of mosquitoes and flies.
From fungi to flies, some parasitic species have figured out how to control their host's behavior to get what they need.
On the open ocean, however, flies and other insects are largely absent.
The crow flies straight to its point of destination.
If slander be a snake, it is a winged one-it flies as well as creeps.
Flies on a diet live much longer than flies that are allowed to eat all they want.
Every day or two, he flies a circuit around the property, checking water levels in the stock tanks.
Then it's the bees and the bees, not to mention the flies and the wasps and the moths.
In the distance a student was feeding flies to the flagged plants.
All day long he flies back and forth from his branch to the feeder.
Another maid stood behind my chair, leaning over the table and waving a fan back and forth to drive off any flies.
There are relatively few flies or mosquitoes-a surprise, considering the hundreds of grazing and pecking animals.
It flies in the face of so many biblical thou-shall-nots.
While this may sound obvious, it actually flies in the face of conventional wisdom on diet and exercise.
He collected living flies by putting out rotting banana traps, so the flies came to him, but from where he never knew.
When she flies on her own plane, the secretary is the one who gets to sleep in a bed.
Perhaps this is because she flies in the face of our idea of innocence.
But studies in mice and flies show that reducing insulin lengthens life span.
And no people were around to lament the lack of air conditioning or to be bothered by dragon flies with three foot wingspans.
And similar effects have been shown in lower organisms from yeast to fruit flies.
However, a plane using the continuous-descent approach never flies level, and its speed continually decelerates.
It was understood that flies were a transmission vector for disease, and a public-health crisis seemed imminent.
In a meadow, a bird flies in one direction, a rabbit runs in another.
They would pound him with their fists the way flies pound themselves against windows.
He flips over and over while descending from the flies.
Alarmed, the hawk releases the mouse and flies away.
When his hand touches the shade, the carriage flies off, bouncing away on its single wheel.
Then another tennis ball flies in, and they run off.
Sure enough, a flag flies over a small house in a distant village.
The player's suspension of disbelief is also tested in the way the door itself gives way when the villain flies through it.
To see children lying on the ground in a daze, in a pool of urine with flies buzzing around their heads.
Seed beetles can get pretty beaten up, and fruit flies can even get sick from it.
Free radicals are bad: flies live longer without them.
Nowadays scientists turn to fruit flies for clues about how to prolong life.
Your research shows that even tiny fruit flies sleep.
It only managed to restore the magnetic sense of flies when they were bathed in this colour.
Faulty copies can cause serious eye problems in animals as diverse as flies and rodents.
But until now, researchers didn't know how the flies homed in on the ants.
As it flies, it sends out high-pitched squeaks and listens for the returning echoes.
There are hundreds of flies and stingless bees encased in chunks of golden amber.
Flies are found throughout the summer on a wide range of flowers.
Due to their size, striking features and bloodthirsty habits, horse flies and deer flies seldom go unnoticed.
Only artificial flies or lures with a single hook may be used.
He is a pilot and regularly flies throughout the world both in and out of combat.

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