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All too often, last year's high flier turned out to be this year's tunnel-dweller.
The triumphant reign of pterosaurs ended with this giant flier.
The ancient pterosaur was a slow flier that coasted on light air currents and could soar for hours.
He doesn't see the flier sitting on the fence, its feathers all puffed out against the cold, until it flies.
Which is why this tethered, water-powered model might be a better bet, for the recreational flier.
Having the trip linked to your frequent flier account in the first place is part of how they show up in your app.
Print a flier and post it on bulletin boards at community centers and supermarkets.
The problem is priority boarding for those with frequent flier status.
Frequent flier points may not form part of the prize.
Do a little bit of research before picking frequent flier plans.
As an educational tactic, the university put out a flier describing the various ecological problems with bottled water.
He's less reticent about discussing his frequent-flier mileage balance, which presumably exceeds that of his peers.
We stayed with family and used frequent flier tickets that have blackout dates around the holidays.
And there will be a flier in the goody bags telling each runner, once again, of the dangers of drinking too much.
Registering for a frequent-flier membership account can be completed online or over the phone with a reservations agent.
Regular travelers join airline loyalty programs, or frequent-flier programs, to accrue credit toward free flights and upgrades.
Ask someone creative to take charge of flier and poster production.

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There are no signposts in the sky to show a man has passed that way before. There are no channels marked. The flie... more
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