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Yet that is still only a flicker of what is possible.
There was a flicker of interest in the problem a few years ago but it was snuffed out by the recession.
It has also increased the market's sensitivity to upsets which during times of plenty would barely cause the price to flicker.
Or rather, dozens of overlapping micro-wars flicker, in which almost all the victims are civilians.
Usually it can shrug off the loss of a generating station or a power line without a flicker.
Office fluorescent lights that constantly flicker can act as a stimulant that saps energy.
Bonus: they also eliminate the bulbs' annoying flicker.
Ambiguous images seem to flicker between two alternatives, as if the brain cannot quite make up its mind how to perceive them.
Specimens flicker by in an entrancing crescendo until the video becomes a frenzied slew of images.
They actually flicker and they have more wires than the old series incandescent strings.
Lights flicker on and soon the famous skyline is lit in a blaze that defies the natural clock.
But note that some e-readers flicker more between pages than others.
The sun now displays several active regions that flicker and glow as the star slowly spins.
In the microgravity of space, flames presumably don't flicker in the same way.
The human brain keeps time, from the flicker of milliseconds to the languorous unfurling of hours and days and years.
We can barely make out the bat's wings as it takes its laps, a flicker of membranes.
Their blinking became a peculiar flicker that he found depersonalizing.
If you didn't double the screen frame rates then there would be significant perceived image flicker.
As the two images flicker more and more quickly, there comes a sudden point where they blur into a single uniform square of light.
Her right arm was still paralyzed, but she had regained a flicker of motion in her right foot and hip.
They flicker and move about as they fall to the ground.
If it's low to the horizon, turbulent air makes it flicker and change color.
Each species of firefly has a special flicker code to attract mates of the same species.
His face hadn't registered a flicker of pain, his arm stayed still, even his hand remained limp.
Adjust your camcorder's exposure and focus settings to minimize flicker.
It was pretty cool that you were involved in that flea-flicker play that contributed to the win last week.
They flicker around, and the arrangements sound episodic rather than fully formed.
Even if they're playing at best friends, there's often an extra flicker of formality in the relationship.
Going to the movies used to be a sanctified rite-the hushed sense of wonder, the hypnotic flicker, the provocative visions.
But this brief flicker of unofficial light was soon officially extinguished, and darkness was restored, thicker than ever.
Until he has understood the still image that can preserve on the page the sensation of the flicker, he cannot write the poem.
Shadow flicker intensity at a given location is the difference in brightness in the presence or absence of a shadow.

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