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For years, flexibility has been widely considered a cornerstone of health and fitness.
Flexibility and ability to quickly solve problems is necessary.
In a business context, flexibility can refer to a number of different ideas.
Unfortunately these events can't be planned far in advance and require some travel flexibility.
We are using scenario-based planning to ensure flexibility.
See how to get the look of built-in floating shelves, with less cost and more flexibility.
Flexibility exercise in its simplest form stretches and elongates muscles.
Flexibility to work some evening and weekend hours is a requirement of this position.
One reason for the better performance amid oil price increases is improved wage flexibility.
Renting a headset for a recorded audio tour is a less expensive option that offers a bit more flexibility.
Yet less expected was how particles with different flexibility tended to pool in different organs.
Tetrapod track findings have shown us anything it's that you can push creature appearances back and forward with some flexibility.
All these elements permit flexibility and control of the main frame and forks to achieve a distinguished lightness and comfort.
Flexibility declines because connective tissue throughout the body becomes less elastic.
Business-school professors shift programs to emphasize relevance and flexibility.
The answer is that speed comes at the price of flexibility.
The importance of flexibility cannot be overstated, particularly for older athletes.
Flexibility is important in decor as well as function, ensuring that a room isn't outgrown too quickly.
Ensure that the decision you make today does not take away from the flexibility of the decisions you want to make tomorrow.
Flexibility is the key to preventing many muscle strains.
As costs mounted, he says, the company lost its flexibility to invest in the future.
The bracelet will retain its form while allowing flexibility.
Belly dance offers the same benefits as other types of dance-a great way to get moving and increase strength and flexibility.
The simple design uses slotted plywood to provide durability and flexibility.
They found that if an employee's job flexibility improved over the year, so did healthy habits.
Browser developers are also realizing that flexibility is key to extended use.
But the stuff inside the tube is still fairly brittle, and the flexibility provided by the silver only partially overcomes this.
Meditation helps maintain spirituality, while stretching prevents falls and fractures by improving flexibility and balance.
All the material on the screen could be controlled with great flexibility.
The answer is the agency indeed has quite a bit flexibility.
There are many types of stem cells with varying degrees of flexibility.
Its flexibility in use is one major benefit of this technology.
My quest for temporary housing has taught me the benefits of flexibility.
Flexibility played a part, but a smaller one than many believe.
The midsole offers exceptional lightweight cushioning and flexibility for all-day comfort.
The biggest problem with existing space gear is flexibility.
Local officials now have flexibility to enforce the policy as they see fit.
In the long term, living with a fixed exchange rate demands wage and price flexibility.
The stresses appeared in routine testing of wing flexibility.
The technology is creating more and more flexibility.
Flexibility and leanness mostly benefit the firm's owners.
The special two-section column and variable leg angles provide the flexibility needed for low-angle photography.
Wendy showed this kind of flexibility over and over again.
But in such an open economy, exchange-rate flexibility is no guarantee of economic stability.
Obviously, certain medical specialties still don't allow for much flexibility.
The future of the workplace will be determined by the feasibility of flexibility.
However, creating that flexibility is exacerbating already scratchy relations between the government and the private sector.
The dual-mode design increases the flexibility of the vehicle.
If you have some flexibility with your dates, you'll want to strategically position your travel between larger events.
The work life flexibility debate must include everyone, no matter what stage of life they are in.
Therefore, people developed flexibility in order to cope with the situation.
Perhaps the biggest advantage of digital photography is its flexibility.
So rapid information searches became expensive, and the system lost its flexibility.
In addition, project developers can sell electricity to power exchanges at high rates which gives them the flexibility.
Because they are soft, there is a lot more flexibility as to how you cram in your gear.
They say it won't work in every country because the price of labor and labor flexibility varies so much.
The service gives corrections agencies the flexibility to restrict offenders to specific geographical areas.
Their flexibility is a feature of how they're constructed and how you can install them, but not how they're going to end up being.
Observers point to the flexibility of the labor market as a basic strength for future economic advances.
Let me ask you to permit a slight change in our nomenclature which will greatly increase the flexibility of our vocabulary.
Trees that grow near a swamp, pond or river often have good flexibility.
Flexibility was important, and so was a sense of humor.
But the benefits that the car companies reaped from franchising cost them a lot in terms of control and flexibility.
No less revealing is the graph for flexibility, or change of tempo within a movement.
Each patient's level of strength and degree of flexibility are carefully monitored.
He will qualify that, he'll condition it, in such a way that he will have plenty of flexibility.
Walking strengthens your muscles and helps maintain joint flexibility, both of which are critical to good joint health.
In my experience, while trains are a great way to get around, the flexibility offered by a bus is ideal for group travel.
Stretching the plantar fascia is the mainstay therapy for restoring strength and flexibility.
In a volatile labour market, the flexibility of a credential is of crucial importance.
However, it is the flexibility of fiat currency that allows a central bank to control this in the first place.
And the pressure to deregulate labour markets and increase fiscal flexibility will grow.
Far better to get rid of distortions and improve the economy's flexibility.
One sign of this is the increasing flexibility of collective-bargaining agreements.
More important, employers have so far kept their side of the flexibility bargain by keeping up employment.
And they can gain flexibility, by boosting or cutting back production more rapidly in line with demand.
The waivers will still demand accountability, but allow much more flexibility.
But such is the flexibility of the nominating system that this may not be true.
These give it flexibility, so it does not crack as readily as ordinary cement.
Secondly, even those firms facing tougher trading conditions have flexibility, because they can cut capital expenditure.
Entire markets have been transformed by products that trade power or fidelity for low price, flexibility, and convenience.
The split-toed sole added flexibility to the shoe and cut weight.
It's designed to go from gaming console to mobile to computer with a maximum of flexibility, and it works.
Intellectual flexibility, the scholarly ability to juggle a variety of ideas and place them in a broad context.
If you decide to stay a few extra days for one reason or another, a bereavement fare offers you flexibility.
College structures facilitate innovation and flexibility within a strong collaborative framework.
For their part, both librarians and content providers will need to show more flexibility than they have so far.
And, in fact, flexibility is often a significant advantage for the scholarly parent.
There is some flexibility in the substantive and regional areas that might be covered by these positions.
To fit the post-industrial age it must be able to reconcile the competing demands of flexibility and fairness.
The real reason this sort of guidance wasn't chosen is more likely flexibility concerns.
As a result, the move will be interpreted by customers as a rate hike, not a move meant to provide them more flexibility.
And she thought there was a tremendous amount of flexibility.
Together, the steady dandelions and the mercurial orchids offer an adaptive flexibility that neither can provide alone.
Designers will have the flexibility of computer graphics with the realism of photography.
The general flexibility of our labor market also helps reduce unemployment.
Because of this flexibility, they commonly appear in our books and music.
He needs to retain the flexibility to keep fiscal policy loose for as long as necessary.
The cutting would be mandated and automatic, with little flexibility.
The key to dealing with this sort of market is to have as much flexibility as possible.
There is more flexibility in calculating household income and payment ratios.
But complete wage flexibility would be no panacea, either.
Authority and accountability have replaced experimentation and flexibility.
Beyond the functionality advances, the coupling of fuel cells with by-wire technology provides new design flexibility.
The findings may reveal unexpected flexibility in lion social relationships.
No flexibility, no possibility of using newer technology for either the truck or the van.
Flexibility especially pays off when booking a flight.
As you plan your itinerary, build in flexibility to allow you to explore something interesting and unexpected.
Set your bid range higher if you have no flexibility for travel dates and are booking at the last minute.
Traveling by car might take longer, but it could be cheaper and you might have more flexibility.
Naturally it is not a fixation upon a given strategy, but a facultative flexibility in learning from others.
The approach underlines the flexibility of phage therapy.
And the cognitive benefits are turning up on a number of measures that tap into cognitive flexibility.
However interviews are not usually taped and interrogators have more flexibility during that part of the questioning process.
More developed stem cells, such as the stem cells that produce brain or blood cells, have much less flexibility.
Fusing two bones eliminates the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, but also the flexibility that a joint provides.
There is definitely some interplay between these categories, and flexibility within them.
Studies have proven that work environments that promote flexibility are more productive.
However, this extreme density comes at the expense of flexibility.
Despite their flexibility and power over some laws, the strings still have laws of their own, a certain way to be.
Our way offers flexibility and increases peoples' freedom to follow their own path.
The limitations of the medium demand a certain flexibility from its readers.
Yes, but you don't have the same tightness and flexibility and often your husband is not pleased.
The new arrivals, that is, would offer the flexibility and productivity that the status quo were not willing to accept.
His programs give intelligence and flexibility to her machines.
It had the flexibility to yield itself to various kinds of originality, but the strength to remain itself in the process.
Cloud hosting allows companies more flexibility based on the resources that they actually need at a given moment.
Today's robotic arms have limited flexibility, with many robots requiring up to six arms to achieve a complete range of motion.
Materials advances could bring color, video, and flexibility.
And this seriously hindered the computer's flexibility.
Flexibility could prove vital if energy-harvesting technology is to take off.
The service marks the first time a major digital music retailer has allowed users such flexibility.
There's more flexibility with the siting of solar panels.
However, it offers less flexibility with respect to the portal design and limited support.
Splitting these functions gives engineers flexibility in how they design and control the engine.
With no engine or mechanical parts between the wheels and the driver's controls, the system offers great flexibility in design.
That's cool, but their real flexibility comes from their tunability.
Its advantages were small compression and flexibility.
What's more, both kinds of matrices require a rigid circuit board, defeating one of the main advantages of paper: flexibility.
Few materials, however, boast both properties-great strength and flexibility.
The bad news is that these molecules don't have anywhere near the power or flexibility of natural mammalian muscles.
It allows an antivirus vendor much more flexibility in protecting the end-user.
The company says removing its angular text from the logo allows for more flexibility overall.
Principals given flexibility in firing teachers showed they.
For those who prefer more flexibility, freelance opportunities are available so you can set your own schedule.

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