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They are composed not of flesh and blood and hair, but of silver albumen and paper.
But here again the labor-saving machine interposes at every turn, and warns the machine of flesh and blood off the premises.
Political enemies come to be seen as representatives of ideas rather than as flesh and blood.
Nor is there much flesh and blood in his labeled categories.
We have only the bare bones, a magnificent armature of course, but not living flesh and blood.
It's closer to an actual social interaction with a flesh and blood human being.
The discovery raised hopes that paleontologists could get their hands on the flesh and blood of vanished animals.
We enjoy spending time with flesh and blood humans beings.
Our enemy isn't flesh and blood, he knows what he is doing, he's had a lot of practice.
Although he's not entirely human, he is flesh and blood.
Flesh-and-blood linguists prefer to work in places where their flesh and blood are safe.
Excitingly, there are also remains of the dinosaurs' flesh and blood.
Corporations are considered persons with the same rights as flesh and blood people.
Given that he paints his own flesh and blood with such stark realism, the biographical airbrushing jars.
To his critics, he was a prodigious destroyer of neighborhoods, who cared less for flesh and blood than for steel and concrete.
The monotonous tumbling of locks and the shadow of the cell block have replaced the grand ceremonial of flesh and blood.
Rather, the game is a means for developing a computer that can communicate better with its flesh and blood counterparts.
The thought suffices them, without investing itself in the flesh and blood of action.
Faith and grace made these martyrs triumph over all considerations of flesh and blood.
To be sure, gentlefolks are but flesh and blood no more than us servants.
It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.
The lovers he represents are not made of flesh and blood, but of nerves and tears.
In the distribution of his charities, he had no regard to flesh and blood.
The movie dawdles when straining to make the cardboard characters become flesh and blood.
The best city guide is still flesh and blood and gets around on two feet.
They were flesh and blood, with all the limits and fears of flesh and blood.
The idea is simple: provide some flesh and blood to let the rest of us grasp the larger problems of poverty.
They would no longer be allowed to partake in the atrocity of allowing their own flesh and blood to be tortured and murdered.

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