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The fish is cooked when the skin slides easily off the flesh.
At this point, all the flesh on his body had nearly liquefied into brownish-grey ooze.
Peel off the rough brown skin and eat the white flesh raw or cooked add to my plant list.
The musk strawberry has mottled brownish red or rose-violet skin, and tender white flesh.
Skin and flesh are good in marmalades more add to my plant list.
Large, sweet, attractive berries with red flesh and skin.
The shallow cup of the compact looked to be holding a kind of flesh dust, a spare skin.
These tidbits of knowledge are important, if you want to flesh out your mental map of the world and its people.
The subject of coloration of flesh of trout is a much more intricate one than at first appears.
To relax, he cuts his legs and arms, and has been trying to eat his own flesh.
Cut coconut flesh into chunks and place in a food processor.
But sometimes the real-life swim to tenure is through a swamp infested with alligators waiting to chomp on vulnerable flesh.
Now scientists propose attacking the alien species with ants that feast on cane toad flesh.
Use a scraping tool to peel away flesh between leaf shape and its frame.
Although our emotions feel ephemeral, they are rooted in the movements of our muscles and the palpitations of our flesh.
The sensations will seem to emerge directly from the plastic rather than from your actual hidden flesh.
It then finds a vein and sinks its razor-sharp teeth through the flesh so delicately that its prey doesn't awaken.
It has big flavor to match, and a unique, melt-in-your-mouth softness to the flesh.
The fish averages around three pounds, perfect for four servings, and the flesh is the pink color of salmon.
Instead, flesh and bone are cut from the bottom- up, and the fat remains at the top.
There have been plenty of close calls since: people have had ribs broken, legs cracked and flesh gashed.
Losing a chunk of flesh to your work is what separates the hobbyist from the artist.
Sometimes there's only a hint of bare flesh above the waistline.
All the troubles that flesh is heir to relieved by the process of writing.
Two of the pictures here show at her dramatic best, and are even stronger in the flesh than they are in the catalogue.
The skeletal structure of the head matches that of a tapir skull minus the flesh and some of the bone that forms the snout.
Soon, he implied, they might hunger for human flesh.
It is sweet with citrus and plum undertones but seems to have its priorities reversed: it is more pit than flesh.
Animals do not always have to be dead for these scavengers to feast on their decaying flesh.
To give the various special interest groups time to pay off politicians for their pound of flesh.
Light pink flesh doesn't need heat to develop color.
Even the toughest customers flinch when a sharp syringe meets their flesh.
But you wouldn't know this because you can't look past marks in the flesh.
But no sound of ancient flesh hitting the concrete floor followed.
So, lycanthropy has less to do with an abundance of hair and a desire to devour raw flesh on a full moon.
It may take a full page of the syllabus to complete flesh out your policy on late work and makeups.
The snails then pump their prey's flesh full of toxins.
Seriously, wait until the intellectual property crowd weighs in on having their designer pound of flesh.
Hopefully further studies will soon be undertaken to flesh out this hypothesis.
If it commands our attention, it means it triggers a deep longing in our hearts, if not our flesh.
Evidence of cannibalism include cut marks made by stone tools used to remove flesh.
But after eating the contaminated meat, the sickened animals later refused to eat more sheep flesh.
They feast on the flesh of the recently buried dead.
Scoop flesh into a food processor, add sugar and lemon juice, and whirl until smooth.
Ask students to explain their reasons for this, ie, sharp teeth are needed to tear flesh.
Flesh was pierced in sundry locations, at times with safety pins.
Sarcasm does tear the flesh but humor and wit is a different story and often confused with the corniest of joke tellers.
The absence of flesh-and-blood animals actually made shells more appealing, for a highly practical reason.
The flesh was creamy and sweet, though far from cloying.
Lionfish flesh isn't poisonous, and heat neutralizes the spines' toxins.
Some cultures have long believed the high-flying carrion birds transported the flesh of the dead up to the heavens.
Barb says it was an alligator skull still covered with flesh.
The tax collectors agreed to take their pound of flesh in easy, low payments.
They die and fall from fish gills and flesh to the bottom of the tank.
It has a feature that has prevented it from becoming widely popular-numerous big seeds fill its sweet white flesh.
There is more protein in an ounce of soy than there is in an ounce of dead animal flesh, otherwise known as meat.
Talks by two other physicists put some flesh on the bones of the emergent-time idea.
Her left ear had sunk into the flesh on the side of her skull, and her head was almost completely without hair.
Thinly sliced and served with other raw delicacies as sashimi, the translucent flesh delights the eye as well as the palate.
The air-filled sacs show up clearly in the echo images because they have a different density than the surrounding flesh and water.
Then, run your thumb from the head to the tail along one side of the backbone, loosening it from the flesh.
Tipped with a lure of luminous flesh this built-in rod baits prey close enough to be snatched.
The digit is also useful for scooping the flesh out of coconuts and other fruits that supplement the animal's insect diet.
Their flesh, reputed to strengthen children, is a hot commodity in the multimillion-dollar-a-year bush meat trade.
Cut marks suggest that stone tools were used to remove the flesh from the bones and to extract marrow.
They have also been pursued for centuries for their rich, buttery flesh.
Empty fly pupa were found with the kids' remains, indicating that maggots ate their flesh during natural decomposition.
Porcupine quills are barbed, and tend to work their way deeper into flesh over time if not extracted.
The only way to really understand the power of a volcano is to witness it in the flesh.
Bones built in me, flesh filled, blood brimmed the curse.
The goat's flesh serves to furnish the harvest-supper.
Some indebted businessmen have done a runner, abandoning their homes and firms rather than parting with their pound of flesh.
But lectures, whether online or in the flesh, play only a limited role in education.
The concept of sustainable development puts flesh on the idea that business left to its own devices is dangerous.
The road is lined with stalls selling food, including stews made from the flesh of the conch after which the village is named.
Once a furry inmate acquires a taste for human flesh, the theory went, it can never be trusted again.
As the fish cooks, its flesh turns from opaque to white.
They're flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, she reminds herself.
Their main work these days is to dig into her flesh when the pain becomes too acute.
There are those who have starved the flesh off their bones, and those who have had it surgically removed or relocated.
But all of these heirlooms are evenly deep-hued and luscious on the inside, as crimson and soft as mouth flesh.
The models' flesh and hair can appear to be made of plastic.
The quick reversals that add to the fun of a game make nonsense out of the loyalties and desires of flesh-and-blood characters.
Amphibians are lured by a flesh-eating ground beetle larva to their doom.
With heavy blood loss and bits of missing flesh, he needed to draw on his nine lives to make it.
Flesh-and-blood troops will see their ranks thinned, as well.
We'll be sharpening up the blades and turning them toward the pulpy flesh of a sheet of paper.
Cut the flesh from the sides of the pit, following the curve of the pit.
Researchers have been working toward flesh-welding lasers for more than a decade, and a number of human trials have shown promise.
Enzymes in their digestive system break down the flesh of the fruit before the animals expel the bean.
Special utensils are used to pry open the shells and dig into the flesh.
No flesh remained on the bones, which appeared to have been chewed on by animals.
Players can also use this to talk to other characters and flesh out the story.
Although the winter melon's delicate white flesh has no distinct taste of its own, it absorbs the broth's flavor.
He was made of flesh-taut, handsome, muscular-and never let us forget it.
Most had wide swaths of flesh torn from their sides, which were oozing blood.
Carnivorous tigerfish had braved the poisoned streams and were feeding on flesh that had fallen into the water.
When oil is shimmering hot, put peaches flesh side down in oil.
The flesh, firm and flaky, picked up subtle hints of citrus.
It's an extraordinary material and it was inspired by the lips of a flesh-eating plant.
When blowfly eggs hatch in a patient's wound, the maggots eat the dead flesh where gangrene-causing bacteria thrive.
It is wonderfully adapted to live off the flesh of seals.
Long exposure to water and the flesh starts to fall off.
It gave us a chance to take relationships that had begun on a screen and cement them in the flesh.
We don't usually explicitly flesh out these details.
Here is an actual, flesh-and-blood climate scientist echoing us.
Across countries and faiths, the devout believe the power of the spirit can heal the ills of the flesh.
But when it's time to work a room and press the flesh of the faithful, he knows how to crack a smile.
They were huge and glowed bright red, and the small juicy crystals of flesh inside tasted as good as they looked.
The couple were tortured with corkscrews that pulled out hunks of flesh.
There is no real flesh that could actually entangle.
And yet somehow, soon enough, those high-tech thermal images would become a flesh and blood enemy in a heavy exchange of fire.
The movie dawdles when straining to make the cardboard characters become flesh and blood.
Fish, particularly oily fish, can concentrate toxins in their flesh.
Now, a simple probe slightly thicker than a human hair can be inserted into the ground to detect decaying flesh.
Krill pigments also give salmon flesh its characteristic pink color.

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